ISXEQ2 by Amadeus


This is an Inner Space Extension for the popular MMORPG game EverQuest II. Please visit Lavish Software for more information on the InnerSpace application, including acquisition information and usage documentation. This extension REQUIRES Inner Space in order to work.

Please follow to access the ISXEQ2 installation and setup wizard. During that process you will learn everything you need to know about the ISXEQ2 subscription service (as well as how to install and setup your new toy!)

If you have any problems or have more questions, please feel free to visit the isxGames Forums.

Acquisition and News

For the latest news and for discussion with other users of ISXEQ2, please bookmark and participate on the official ISXEQ2 forums.


  • ISXEQ2:
    • hooks into the EQ2 command interpreter so that you can enter Innerspace and custom ISXEQ2 commands directly into the game as 'slash' commands.
    • recognizes several EQ2 functions allowing for ISXEQ2 to directly interact with the game. (ie, EQ2Echo command)
    • allows you to 'use' any equipped item from the command line and/or from within an Inner Space script.
    • allows you to see the statistics and locations of all entities around you through use of the /where command.
    • impliments the InnerSpace trigger service so that you can create scripts that will respond to any incoming chat or text from the game.
    • impliments an overhead/overlay 'radar' that gives you a visual overview of all the entities surrounding you.
    • impliments several 'custom triggers' that are sent to your client via InnerSpace (for use in scripts) that are invisible to the player and is typically data that is not available to EQ2 players otherwise.
    • impliments a TLO and three datatypes exclusively for the automation of buying and selling to/from PC and NPC merchants as well as brokers.
    • impliments two datatypes exclusively for the utilities associated with Maintained Buffs/Debuffs as well as Effects that are on your character.
    • impliments a datatype ('ability') exclusively for the manipulation and presentation of information regarding character abilities.
    • impliments two datatypes and one TLO exclusively for the manipulation of EQ2's User Interface elements.
    • removes the limit on "Examine" windows which can be simultaneously open in EQ2. Without ISXEQ2, the limit is 10.

...and much more!

Basic Usage

ISXEQ2, like most IS extensions, adds game specific functionality to Inner Space. This is achieved by adding additional commands, data types, top level objects, and services.


The following commands can be entered either in the Inner Space console (verbatim), or directly into your EverQuest II command window similar to any typical EQ2 slash ('/') command.

Top-Level Objects

Top-Level Objects are used in Lavishscript to return datatype objects.   For example, ${Me} will return a character object and provides access to all of the character members and methods.



User Interface



Data Types

In addition to the standard datatypes used natively by LavishScript, ISXEQ2 utilizes several custom datatype objects, which are listed below.   These datatypes are returned by the Top-Level Objects above as well as by some custom datatype members.




Abilities and Effects


Inventory and Consignment

UI Widgets

UI Windows


Windows and User Interface


Groups and Raids

Chat and Incoming Text



These events are controlled by the EnableAfflictionEvents, DisableAfflictionEvents, and SetAfflictionEventsTimeInterval methods of the isxeq2 datatype.   They will fire ONCE at any point in which any of the counters are above zero and in which the total amount of all counters combined is different than what was observed during the previous check.  They will only ever fire while you are in combat mode.


The first five events below are controlled by the SetActorEventsRange and SetActorEventsTimeInterval methods of the isxeq2 datatype.   (Note:  The actor spawning/despawning events are not affected by the SetActorEventsRange, etc.)   They default to being "off". To enable these events, you would need to use the EnableActorEvents method of the isxeq2 datatype. To disable them, you would use the DisableActorEvents method of the isxeq2 datatype.

Heroic Opportunities


Custom Triggers

Although custom triggers are still useful for specific purposes, most script authors consider them to be legacy (out-dated) and to only be used when absolutely necessary. LavishScript events provide much more functionality and are, in general, preferred over custom triggers.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I not able to send keystrokes, mouse movement, and mouse clicks when the EQ2 window is in the background?

From ISMods Wiki:

EQ2 is specifically coded so that keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks are ignored if the application is not the foreground window. What you need to do is go into your EQ2 game settings in Inner Space, under "Window Settings" and enable "Lock Foreground".

Also, you need to go under "Input Systems" and turn "Background Mouse" to the OFF setting.