Eq2lootwindow (Data Type)


This DataType includes data available to ISXEQ2 related to the EQ2 Loot Window.


This datatype inherits all members and methods of eq2clonewindow (which, in turn, inherits all members/methods of eq2window.)  Script writers are strongly encouraged to visit both of these pages before utilizing eq2lootwindow or any other in-game UI window datatypes. 



  • LootItem[ID#]
    • This method will, by default, loot NO TRADE items!  If you wish to avoid this, then your script will need to check the item ItemIsNoTrade) and avoid looting it entirely.   Or, if you're lazy, you can give a second argument of zero to the method and it will avoid looting any no drop items (i.e., LootWindow:LootItem[ID#,0].)
  • LootAll
  • RequestAll
  • DeclineLotto
  • DeclineNBG
  • SelectNeed
  • SelectGreed
  • LootItem
    • This method does not work for Lotto mode, it only works with FreeForAll, LeaderOnly, or Solo loot modes.

See Also

This knowledgebase article illustrates advanced topics on how to obtain information from and manipulate the LootWindow.   The comments provided therein, along with the ISXEQ2 wiki, should provide the documentation necessary to work with the LootWindow in all modes.