eq2 (Data Type)


This DataType includes miscellaneous data that is available to ISXEQ2 that pertain to the EverQuest 2 gameworld.


  • string ServerName
    • This is only available while in the game proper.
  • int CustomActorArraySize
  • int Zoning
    • Return values:    -1 = unsure, 0 = not zoning, 1 = zoning
  • bool CheckCollision[From_X, From_Y, From_Z, To_X, To_Y, To_Z]
    • NOTE: There is no difference in EQ2 between "Line of Sight" and "collision" checks. Please note that this checks a direct line from Point A to Point B for a collision. This may provide false negatives, e.g. standing at the top of a staircase, checking collision to the bottom may return TRUE (collision), or false positives, e.g. the tradeskill instances, with the rail around the balconies, may report FALSE (no collision) because the line passes between the rails.
  • float HeadingTo[From_X, From_Y, From_Z, To_X, To_Y, To_Z]
    • Returns the heading you would need to face from the From point to reach the To point. Better known as bearing.
  • bool HOWindowActive
  • string HOName
  • string HODescription
  • int HOWheelType
  • int HOWheelState
  • int HOCurrentWheelSlot
  • int HOWindowState
  • float HOTimeLimit
  • float HOTimeElapsed
  • float HOTimeRemaining
  • int HOIconID1
  • int HOIconID2
  • int HOIconID3
  • int HOIconID4
  • int HOIconID5
  • int HOIconID6
  • int NumRadars
  • actor HOLastManipulator
    • This member returns the last actor to manipulate/initialize the HO window/wheel
  • float MasterVolume
    • Returns the current master volume as a percentage: 0% to 100%
  • string PendingQuestName
    • This will return the name of the quest that is currently being offered to you. (NOTE: If no quest is being offered, it should return "None".)
  • string PendingQuestDecription
  • int InboxMailCount
    • Returns the # of mail in your inbox
  • bool OnBattleground
  • uint PersistentZoneID["ZoneName"]
  • bool ReadyToRefineTransmuteOrSalvage



  • SetMasterVolume[#]
    • This command uses one argument, which should be sound volume as a percentage (ie, between 0 and 100)
  • AcceptPendingQuest
  • DeclinePendingQuest
  • ShowAllOnScreenAnnouncements
    • This method works like a toggle and the setting will be saved/loaded in your ISXEQ2.xml file.
  • ConfirmZoneTeleporterDestination
    • NOTE: This should be used after selecting the appropriate destination using the 'HighlightRow' method of the EQ2UIElement datatype.
  • GetPersistentZones[index:string]


  • QueryActors​[index:actor]
    • This syntax will return all actors.
  • QueryActors[index:actor, <Query String>]
    • Using a Lavishscript Query String allows script writers to search based on ANY of the datatypes members.   For more information, see the LavishScript Query Strings Knowledgebase Article here on Forge.
      • Please note that all string literals within query strings must be enclosed in quotation marks.  For example: ${Actor[Query, Name =- "Aliindar"]}
    • Here is an example script that illustrates the functionality of this particular method:

function main()
    variable index:actor Actors
    variable iterator ActorIterator
    EQ2:QueryActors[Actors, Type  =- "NPC" && Distance <= 20 && Level > 90 && (IsHeroic == 1 || IsEpic == 1)]
    if ${ActorIterator:First(exists)}
            echo "${ActorIterator.Value.Name}"
        while ${ActorIterator:Next(exists)}