ANNOUNCEMENT (Custom Trigger)


The ANNOUNCEMENT trigger is sent to your client everytime you recieve what is called an 'on screen announcement'. These are the larger on screen text displays that are in the large font and appear towards the top of your screen. A good example would be the 'location' announcements (in yellow) that come up when you enter an area of a zone that is named.

It is important not to confuse the on-screen announcements with what I call the 'on-screen mini announcements'. Those are the smaller font text that appears towards the lower part of your screen (ie, "fizzled", "Too Far Away", etc..)

On-Screen Mini Announcements and all other 'chat' type text that is sent to your client from EQ2 is sent to the trigger service "as-is" and does not require any special formatting. For example, if the mini-announcement says "Too Far Away", then that is all you will need to check for in regards to the trigger service.


The following data is sent to your client via invisible triggers each time you receive an on-screen announcement.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT::"text"


Here is an example from Blazer's "Harvest" script on how to use the announcement triggers in a script file:

AddTrigger Harvested "ANNOUNCEMENT::You have @action@:@result@" AddTrigger Harvested "ANNOUNCEMENT::You have fi@action@hed@result@" AddTrigger Rare "ANNOUNCEMENT::Rare item found!@rare@" AddTrigger Collectible "ANNOUNCEMENT::Collectible found!@result@"