EQ2_onIncomingChatText (Event)


The EQ2_onIncomingChatText event will fire whenever any PC or NPC chat is "heard" by your client, and will call any attached atoms.

General Notes

  • The "Type" is an integer representing the 'type' chat you're receiving. For example, "Say" is 8 and "tell" is 27. The community can post a list of types, or you can experiment to discover the ones you need if you want to differentiate between chat types.
  • If the "TargetName" isn't known (or if the chat doesn't have a target, like a 'say'), then it will be an empty string
  • If the chat is not from a custom chat channel (e.g. "Level_20-29"), then the "ChannelName" parameter will be an empty string


  1. int ChatType
  2. string Message
  3. string Speaker
  4. string TargetName
  5. bool SpeakerIsNPC
  6. string ChannelName




 atom MyAtom(int ChatType, string Message, string Speaker, string TargetName, bool SpeakerIsNPC, string ChannelName)
    ;do stuff