EQ2Ignore (command)


  • EQ2Ignore <parameters>


This command allows you to specify particular key phrases that will cause isxeq2 to ignore an incoming chat channel text. If the given phrase will trigger an ignore if it is found in the chat text, sender name, target name, or customchannel name. You may also use the 'eq2ignore all' toggle to ignore ALL incoming chat text (e.g. if you need complete silence.) Use the 'eq2ignore all' command again to toggle things back to normal, which will again use the ignores you already had set up.


  • All
  • List
  • Add "<phrase>"
  • Add "<phrase>" [ChatType]
  • Delete "<phrase>"


  • 'ChatType' should be an integer which corresponds to the chat 'type' given with the EQ2_onIncomingChatText event.
  • If no 'ChatType' is given, the text will be ignored on all channels
  • It is possible that having a long list of ignores MAY cause performance issues. It is doubtful, but possible. (ie, you'd probably have to have a VERY long list).
  • Ignores are stored in the file /innerspace/extensions/isxeq2ignores.xml. You can edit this manually; however, you will need to do so when the extension is unloaded.
  • If you cannot figure this out, or if you have questions needing an example for a particular instance, please ask on the GENERAL section of the forums.
  • You do NOT need to set to ignore any words that isxeq2 is already ignoring (ie, the anti-plat seller tell spam code already installed.)