Innerspace + ISXEQ2 Tutorial


To acquire and install ISXEQ2, follow the steps on this webpage.   If you forget to click "return to merchant" after visiting Paypal, you can find the setup instructions on this page.

Useful Commands

(Note:  The following commands are intended to be entered into the InnerSpace console window.   To open this window, type the ` or "tilde key" while playing the game.)

  • To unload the extension in game simply use ext -unload isxeq2
  • To end a script at anytime use endscript SCRIPTNAME (e.g., endscript harvest.)
  • You can also use endscript * to end ALL running scripts
  • Other useful commands include:
    • where pc
    • where special
    • where npc
    • radar on
    • craft

Using the built-in Craft Script

Read all the above, absorb it into your skull and feel the power Razz

  1. Type craft in the session console. Wait for the UI window to load and for the recipes to be sorted in the scroll window.
  2. Go through the options TAB in the UI window, and set any options as desired.
  3. Select a recipe you want to craft from the drop down list and then click add recipe, wait for it to process the request and then do this for as many items as you need to craft. Of course you can change the quantity for each item before you press add recipe.
  4. Once you have a finished your batch list, browse over your shopping list and see what is needed.   (Note that the craftbot will, if given maximum cost parameters, attempt to auto-buy harvested items from the broker and merchant items from the merchant. If it fails to do so, it will pause and give you an opportunity to manually buy the needed items.)
  5. Go to the bank/broker and get your resources, then the Trade Skill zone merchant and buy your sub components and fuels.
  6. After you have bought your shopping list, you are ready to go, and should have a list of items ready to be crafted in the bottom section of the UI. The top two windows should be empty or have all green writing.
    • If it says 0/1 Pearl and you have Vanadium...of course it will work, do not worry about things like that and certain names do not mesh 100% or there is 2 items that can be used for the same thing, this is half the reason you need spare roots and wood on hand.
  7. Click Begin Crafting (or press F1) to begin crafting.