maintained (Data Type)


This DataType includes the data available to ISXEQ2 related to maintained buffs or debuffs.

(Please note that all members of this datatype are available in memory at all times and never require a server or cache check.)


The best way to acquire a maintained datatype object is via the Maintained member of character.


  • string Name
  • string TargetType
    • This member returns one of the following strings: Self Only, Pet Only, Single Target, Group, Other Group, Raid, Out of Range, Owner, Mercenary
  • bool IsBeneficial
  • int UsesRemaining
  • int DamageRemaining
  • int ConcentrationCost
  • int CurrentIncrements
  • actor Target
    • This only works for maintained buffs/debuffs that are of the "Type": 'single target'
    • If the Target is no longer alive or present in the game, this member will return NULL
  • float Duration
    • This is the current duration of the buff/debuff in seconds.
    • Buffs/Debuffs that do not have a duration (ie, last forever) will return -1.
  • float MaxDuration
    • This is the maximum duration of the buff/debuff in seconds.


  • Cancel
  • Examine

Technical Notes

  • If you log off and back on with 'duration' buffs/effects, will notice that the MaxDuration will change to reflect that.  For example, a spell might have a max duration of 900 seconds. If you log off when the "Duration" is 850, then when log back on, the MaxDuration will say 850 and Duration will tick down from there. This is how SOE keeps your buffs/effects from timing away while you're offline.