ISXVG by Amadeus


ISXVG was an extension for the game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.    

Although Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) shuttered Vanguard in 2014, there is an emulator project, and the final version of ISXVG will work with this emulator free of cost.

  • For more ISXVG information, including instructions for installation and setup for use with the Vanguard emulator, please see these two forum postings:
  • All ISXVG discussion which took place on the official isxGames forums is archived and available for viewing here.


  • ISXVG hooks into the Vanguard command interpreter so that you can enter Innerspace and custom ISXVGe commands directly into the game as 'slash' commands.
  • ISXVG recognizes several Vanguard functions allowing for ISXVG to directly interact with the game. (ie, VGEcho command)
  • ISXVG allows you to see the statistics and locations of all entities around you through use of the /where command.
  • ISXVG impliments the InnerSpace trigger service so that you can create scripts that will respond to any incoming chat or text from the game.
  • ISXVG impliments an overhead/overlay 'radar' that gives you a visual overview of all the entities surrounding you.

Basic Usage

ISXVG, like most IS extensions, adds game specific functionality to Inner Space. This is achieved by adding additional commands, data types, top level objects, and services. To use ISXVG, you would simply start Vanguard using InnerSpace, and then type 'ext isxvg' in the InnerSpace console window. Once ISXVG is loaded, you will be able to utilize all of the functionality given to you by the extension.

LavishScript versus .NET Applications

InnerSpace (and ISXVG) supports two types of scripting languages: LavishScript and .NET applications.

LavishScript scripts are written in the custom scripting language written by Lax and are kept in the InnerSpace/Scripts directory.
To run scripts in-game, you simply type run SCRIPTNAME in the console.
.NET Applications are written in C# typically (though other managed languages are supported) and are kept in the InnerSpace/.NET Programs directory.
To run a .NET appliation in InnerSpace, you would type DotNet APPDOMAIN ASSEMBLYNAME in the console (ie, DotNet vg vgbot).

The documentation in this wiki will support script authors of both types. Programmers/Scriptors are encouraged to visit the isxGames forums and download sample LavishScript scripts and/or .NET Visual Studio application projects to see how it's done.

Those programmers familiar with .NET will be happy to know that ISXVG comes with a 'Wrapper' dll that is included with the ISXVG installation. Therefore, all ISXVG datatypes/commands/etc.. will be available to you in an easy to use fashion within Visual Studio. Just see the sample projects!


The following commands can be entered either in the Inner Space console (verbatim), or directly into your Vanguard command window similar to any typical VG slash ('/') command.


See Events

Data Types

NPCs & PCs


Diplomacy & Interaction

Items, Abilities & Effects


Top-Level Objects

NPCs & PCs


Diplomacy & Interaction