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Dec 20, 2014

05:28 AM StealthBot Bug #1310: freightering doesn't find bookmarks

Pretty much, yeah - logs, man

Nov 11, 2014

02:36 PM ISXEVE Bug #1272: EveShip.Scanners.System.GetAnomalies() return null

I can confirm this is an issue.

Nov 03, 2014

03:50 PM StealthBot Bug #1261: Laser lens swap.

Ah, got it. Could you test carrying 8 of each time for me? I'm fairly confident that will fix it, and if it does,...

04:06 AM StealthBot Bug #1261: Laser lens swap.

How many lasers does your ship have equipped and how many crystals of each type are you carrying?

Nov 02, 2014

09:13 AM StealthBot Bug #1261: Laser lens swap.

I'm going to need you to email the logs from when you'd noticed this issue to


Oct 30, 2014

06:08 PM StealthBot Feature - Enhancement #1226 (In Progress): Make TTS alerts optionally fire only once every few mi...

New configuration value for delay duration(in seconds) added to the alerts configuration tab.

Oct 29, 2014

01:19 PM ISXEVE Bug #1258 (New): entity.HaveLootRights erroneously returning FALSE

This is happening for a loot can in a mission.

entity.Name: Survey Post
entity.Group: Spawn Container

Oct 28, 2014

03:40 PM StealthBot Feature - New #1255 (Implemented): I would like support for missions which require unloading carg...

Mission "Onslaught" (L1) is a good example of this - requires moving cargo from one can in the deadspace si...

02:48 PM StealthBot Feature - New #1238 (Implemented): close mission info window

This is done in builds >=

02:46 PM StealthBot Feature - New #1238 (In Progress): close mission info window

Also available in: Atom

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