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May 28, 2020

02:31 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - New #2150 (New): Add: ISXEQ2:ClearRecipeCache

Same as ISXEQ2:ClearAbilitiesCache

But for recipe data. I tried the Abilities and it didn't work for clearing ...

Apr 28, 2020

09:45 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - New #2135: Place Actors on the ground (decorating)

Turns out ${Me.CursorActor} does NOT always report correctly, and will still report if there is an actor between you ...

Apr 22, 2020

10:23 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - New #2135 (New): Place Actors on the ground (decorating)

When in a house or a guild hall, and you pick up something to move it (like a rug or a trophy), it becomes on your cu...

Jan 19, 2020

12:40 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - Enhancement #2129 (Closed): Overseer Quests Item - .IsOverseerQuest

Can you see if you can get .IsOverseerQuest for these items?

It basically works the same as the Overseer agents. I...

Jan 18, 2020

10:21 AM ISXEQ2 Feature - Enhancement #2128 (Implemented): Item - :DoubleClick / Add to Collection / :RightClick

This item can be added (in this case, as an agent to overseer, but not sure how important that is).

If I double cl...

Dec 31, 2019

11:10 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - New #1779: Quest Markers on Actors

If you uncheck this, the quest markers go away, if you check it, they come back. Hopefully this provides a simple way...

11:06 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - New #1779: Quest Markers on Actors

When an Actor is involved in a quest you have (99% you have to kill them), they have a quest marker.

Dec 26, 2019

09:26 PM ISXEQ2 Feature - Enhancement #2115: Me.Inventory[<search>].Location to support harvesting bag

Not sure if this helps:

/bag_open 1 -14


Will open the harvesting bag. I'll get you access to a to...

Dec 24, 2019

11:17 AM ISXEQ2 Bug #2122: EQ2UI - :DoubleLeftClick not working

In order to access the overseer system, you need BoL expansion


Then in game type "/claim"


11:13 AM ISXEQ2 Bug #2122: EQ2UI - :DoubleLeftClick not working


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