From 2014-06-19 to 2014-10-16


07:47 AM Feature - New #1237: undock bookmarks

And by undock bookmarks, you mean undock insta-warp bookmarks?

07:16 AM Feature - New #1237 (New): undock bookmarks

please join us in 2003 and provide functionality for using undock bookmarks, thanks.

07:18 AM Feature - New #1239 (Implemented): repair on station dock

as we now have access to this function via isxeve, it would be super duper awesome if sb would repair muh drones (and...

07:17 AM Feature - New #1238 (Implemented): close mission info window

since we have this functionality available via isxeve now, can we have sb close them (its a minor nit, but i can't he...

06:17 AM Feature - Enhancement #1235: Support declining of anomic missions

Cleared up the bug description a bit.



02:34 PM Feature - Enhancement #1235 (Implemented): Support declining of anomic missions

The new randomly seeded Anomic (aka Burner) missions amongst the normal encounter missions screws up the logic of Ste...

01:57 PM Bug #1234 (New): Stop moving if we were moving when the last target is killed

When dequeueing a destination or removed entity, if we have no more targets / movement goals, stop the ship.

01:53 PM Feature - Enhancement #1233 (Resolved): Add ability to click/drag to re-arrange Mining ore priorities

As title says

01:53 PM Feature - Enhancement #1232 (New): Add ability to select / deselect all ores for Mining configuration

As title says

01:48 PM Bug #1231 (New): Miner mines nearby rocks for extremely short periods of time before bounce-warping

If I'm on a given high-priority rock, and the next best rock after this one is on the other side of the belt, when I ...

01:46 PM Feature - Enhancement #1230 (New): Add a means of specifying that we -should not- use drones on a mission target

Mission targets such as Kruul's Pleasure Hub blow up when destroyed, destroying any nearby drones.

We need a means...

01:45 PM Feature - Enhancement #1229 (New): Use tractor beams when looting mission objectives

Make use of tractor beams on cans when looting objectives in missions so as to speed up mission completion.

01:40 PM Feature - Enhancement #1228 (New): Make Mining ore selection group-based (e.g. Veldspar, Scordite) instead of type-based (e.g. Concentrated Veldspar)

As the title says.

01:39 PM Feature - New #1227 (New): Optionally log out after max runtime is reached

Add the optional ability to save and exit StealthBot then exit EVE after we've safed up from max runtime being reached

01:31 PM Feature - Enhancement #1226 (In Progress): Make TTS alerts optionally fire only once every few minutes

Currently, TTS alerts will spam every second or so.

Add an option to make TTS alerts respect a cooldown timer befo...


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