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Added by CyberTech almost 10 years ago

  • In weapon rearming, replace the null check on module.charge with a null or invalid check

  • Remove some unnecessary drone-related logging
  • Add some more weapon module logging

  • Make Ratting capable of using the uplink to coordinate only having one player move to a given anomaly
  • Don't attempt to send events to a relaygroup using "other <relaygroup>"
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Add a debug message for failure to reload when all modules are empty

  • Whenever all modules are out of charges, rearm them.

  • Swap the "nearby anomaly" check for a "wrecks exist" check when determining if Ratting should create a salvage bookmark after an anomaly

  • Minor code cleanup
  • Remove logging of fleet combat assist requests
  • Disable relay updating of config profiles ¬†due to ExecuteCommand internally using a framelock
  • Add logging to the conditions for creating an anomaly bookmark

  • Attempt to prime ship CargoCapacity if it's returning 0

  • Fix an issue in copying profiles

  • Fix an issue preventing ship stopping after completing an obstacle avoidance orbit
  • Add support for Max Runtime to Ratting
  • Tweak sizes of various items in the UI
  • Update some referenced assemblies in the obfuscation process

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