Bug #2187

CurrentCharges returns 0 for energy weapons when crystal is loaded.

Added by smokemonkey over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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load crystal and call module.CurrentCharges, you get 0 instead of 1


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What is the name of the "Crystal" you mean in the game?   Also, give me an example loadout for a ship that has an energy weapon with a crystal that's the cheapest I can buy.  I need to know the ship type/name, the weapon type/name, the crystal type/name, ...EVERYTHING.

For all bug reports, I need to know how to re-create the bug from nothing.  I do not play the game, so I only have the ships/modules/knowledge required for the bug reports I get -- so, you need to give me ALL of the information I need for every bug report for re-creating the bug with an account that has nothing in it.


Updated by smokemonkey over 2 years ago

This commit should help you understand the problem:

Basically when you load a crystal to an energy weapon, module.CurrentCharges still returns 0.

I got this bug with ammo 'Conflagration L' in weapon 'Mega Pulse Laser II', which is fitted on an amarr battleship. But I assume this bug should also happen in smaller weapons on cheaper ships.

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