Bug #1257

Cargo space & ammo

Added by pz over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.



IMO SB fills up too much with ammo(generally speaking), but this is about a specific mission:

"The Rogue Slave Trader (1 of 2)"

Destroy the slave pen and rescue the slaves.

50 x Prisoners (375.0 m³)

SB picked up 584m3 of missiles in a 665m3 hold

I paused, docked, dropped off some missiles, else it would not have been able to complete mission.

Humbly suggest something like no more than 50% of hold for ammo (granted that wouldn't have helped for this specific mission, maybe this should have been 2 bug entries soz!)


Updated by pz over 9 years ago

with sb already having the logic to swap (pick up) missiles for each mission, what's the point of picking up 12,000 missiles?

my experience is limited compared to many i'm sure, but i've not yet run into a mission where i used 12,000 missiles -- on the flip side, i've several times in just a few days run into missions requiring more cargo space the the ~85m3 i'm left with.

i have to stop sb, drop off missiles, undock, restart sb while in space to prevent it from filling my hold with missiles when i get missions needing more cargo space.

if there's a slider or inputbox where i can decide for myself how many missiles or how much cargo space to use, please advise, i've been unable to locate.


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