Bug #1250

Example script incorrect for usage of repair facilities & cannot accept confirmation modal

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This is in reference to the example script on issue:

This is how the example script accepts the repair confirmation:


This is incorrect - there is no modal window at this stage. This is the dump from the ISXEVE EVE_GetEVEWindows testcase for the modal that pops up, confirmed by closing the modal and testing again:

    LSTypeIterator: Members of datatype "evewindow", instance "TestIterator.Value"
      TestIterator.Value.Capacity     == -1.000000
      TestIterator.Value.Caption      == Set Quantity
      TestIterator.Value.HTML         == NULL
      TestIterator.Value.ItemID       == -1
      TestIterator.Value.Minimized    == FALSE
      TestIterator.Value.Name         == Set Quantity
      TestIterator.Value.Text         == NULL
      TestIterator.Value.UsedCapacity == -1.000000
      TestIterator.Value Iteration Time == 0.000000 seconds

Additionally, there doesn't seem to be a way to successfully accept that modal window.

ClickButtonCancel, ClickButtonClose, ClickButtonNo, ClickButtonOK, and ClickButtonYes all close the window.

ClickButtonOK causes a brief flash / refresh of the "Pick New Item" and "Repair All" buttons on the Repairshop window but doesn't seem to actually trigger the repair - wallet balance is unchanged.

The "Set Quantity" dialog has "OK" and "Cancel" buttons, no X in the top right.


TestRepairShopWindow.iss (2.37 KB) Amadeus, 2014-10-24 01:07 AM


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It appears as though there is a difference in how the dialogs work when you have damage to modules (only) versus damage to your ship proper.    I only tested with module damage thinking it would be the same.   So, I'll have to test otherwise and make further updates.


Updated by Amadeus over 9 years ago

October 24, 2014
* Datatype 'evewindow'
 ~ Fixed the "ClickButtonOK" method to work with hybrid modal/traditional windows

This release should fix the issue.  I've updated the test script as well (attached).


Updated by Stealthy over 9 years ago

Confirmed fixed.

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