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07:59 AM ISXEVE Feature - New #1200: Contract support

Meh... the only popular thing sold through contracts are buying/selling Blueprint copies, and of course courier contr...


06:16 PM ISXEVE Feature - New #1203 (New): Scan probe support

Currently, the only method of interacting with anomalies is through scan probes.

These are used by equiping the la...
06:38 AM ISXEVE Feature - New #1197: Entity:GiveIsk

No, isk is only given to other players by right-clicking their row entry in a list view (either in a chat channel or ...


12:27 PM ISXEVE Feature - Enhancement #1192: Lower Level UI access

PS: Using UI functions would also reduce chance of server side detection by preventing impossible server messages.
11:57 AM ISXEVE Feature - Enhancement #1192 (Closed): Lower Level UI access

Certainly, EVE uses some sort of parent/child system in developing it's UI.

Would be nice if we could look through...

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