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Lower Level UI access

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Certainly, EVE uses some sort of parent/child system in developing it's UI.

Would be nice if we could look through the hierarchy and get more direct access to buttons/text areas/tabs/lists/etc so we can call any button and read any text window.

Similarly, it would be nice to be able to call any function in the contextual menu that appears when right clicking an item.


This would add a plethora of features, such as adding bounties, refining, purchasing items with LP, purchasing new clones and jump clones, and countless other features that could be manually implemented in middleware. In essence, it would allow any function to be imlpemented manually rather than waiting for a specific direct function call that has more chances of breaking on patch.


Furthermore, getEveWindows doesnt currently return main windows such as l_login and Desktop


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PS: Using UI functions would also reduce chance of server side detection by preventing impossible server messages.


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FYI, Login is handled by the Login TLO.


The context menu is not likely to happen; all context menus are built on the fly by a giagantonormous monolithic function, and would not be efficient to reimplement in ISXEVE.

It would be better in the future to break feature requests into discrete requests :)


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Yes, lower level UI access is not really realistic with EVE with a c++ application interface like innerspace/ISXEVE.    Simply create requests for the things you need, and the reason why, and we can look into adding it.   If there are multiple windows that share functionality, that can be done as we go.  However, for now, the only things that are easy to impliment across all windows is already in (i.e., "close", "minimize", etc.)

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