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Main Operational Modes

  1. Miner - Mines asteroids/ice
  2. Hauler - Retrieves ore from miners
  3. Freighter - Moves items between locations. This mode also includes the courier mission runner.
  4. Ratter - Roams the belts looking for NPC rats (NOT for use in high security space)

Mode Feature Sets


The miner is meant to do just that: mine. This is a good thing, as it helps prevent you from losing your mind staring at the lasers.

Features in the Miner tab of the UI:
* Strip Mine Area - Mine everything in range before moving to other ore in the same belt.
* Bookmark Last Position - This option allows the bot to create a bookmark at your last location when you leave. This lets the bot get straight to the asteroids when it warps in, instead of having to go 20km or more to get to a rock.
* Mining Range Multiplier - Determines how far from you the bot will check for additional asteroids before deciding to warp to another belt. It multiplies your max mining range by this number to determine how far it will look for ore.
* Distributed Laser Targeting - Checking this box will let the bot target additional asteroids and activate your mining lasers on different ones, allowing for more efficient mining, especially with longer-cycle strip miners.
* Cargo Full Threshold - EVEBot looks at this value to determine if it should consider your cargohold full. When using the Ice Mining option, you should set this to one less than your cargo size when you're "full".
* Use Belt Bookmarks - Checking this option will force the bot to use specific belt bookmarks that you have already created. The prefix for these bookmarks is listed on the Labels tab (Default "Belt: " for Ore Belts and "Ice Belt: " for Ice Belts)
* Use Mining Drones - This option has the bots use your drones as mining drones. Do not select this if you are not using mining drones. You are not able to mix combat drones and mining drones with EVEBot.
* Min. Distance to Players - Use the slider to set a range for how close you want to let other players get before you warp out to another belt.
* Mine Alone: Standing Detection - If you check the box, set the dropdown to the lowest standing that you want in your belt, excluding gang members.
* Ice Mining - This box puts the bot into ice mining mode where it will use ice belts instead of regular asteroid belts. This turns off the distributed laser targeting because it just isn't needed when mining ice.
* ORE Delivery Configuration - This option includes Location Type and Location Name. Location Type has 3 choices: Station, Hangar Array, and Jetcan. Location Name defaults to NULL. Select what you want to mine to from the dropdown, and enter the name of the object into Location Name. If you don't enter anything, Station default you to warping back to your last station, Jetcan will pop out a jetcan for you and tag it with the time it was launched.


The hauler bot makes your miner bots more efficient by taking the ore back to station so the miners don't have to.

Note: The hauler bot expects you to have at least one safespot in the system where you mine. This does not have to be a true safespot; you can use just about anything in the system for one. Keep in mind that if you use a station bookmark as safespot, your hauler will dock there, and if you use a corp hangar array, the hauler will slowboat to it.

The hauler has three different modes: Service Fleet Members, Service On-Demand, and Service All Belts (not currently implemented)

  • Service Fleet Members - This mode causes the bot to continuously warp from fleet member to fleet member, picking up ore from everyone's jetcans, then heading to the safespot after each cycle before starting again. If you have two miners in the same system, the bot may go from one to the next without warping to a different belt. If they are too close together to warp from one to the other, the hauler will slowboat it over to the other can.
  • Service On-Demand - This mode keeps your hauler parked at the safespot until a miner "requests" a pickup. This request is handled by innerspace, and requires that your hauler be on the same PC as the miners or a relay be setup (see the Lavishsoft wiki for info on setting up relays)
  • Service All Belts - Currently NOT working. When it is implemented, this mode will have the hauler go from belt to belt looking for jetcans that it is allowed to loot.

The hauler bot also has options for Drop Off Bookmark and Mining System Bookmark.

  • Drop Off Bookmark - This is important. Set this option. This is the bookmark you will use when it's time to go drop off ore. If this is not set, your hauler will drop off ore in the closest station at the time the cargohold fills up.
  • Mining System Bookmark - This is any bookmark that you have created in the system where your miners are mining. This is only needed if you are hauling to a different system. If your drop off bookmark is in a different system than your miners, set this option.

NOTE: If you do not set a dropoff bookmark for the hauler, it will pick the closest station for the dropoff. If you want your ore to go to a single place, bookmark the station, name it something easy to type like "QWERTY" or "Ore Goes Here" and slap that bookmark name in the dropoff field. If you are removing input from Drop Off Bookmark and Mining System Bookmark, keep in mind that the GUI will not delete these fields entirely. You will have to edit the .xml file to remove the last character, otherwise your bot will not work properly.


The freighter bot hauls everything in the hangar at one or more station source bookmarks to a destination bookmark. If the bookmark is for a station it will move cargo to/from your personal hangar. If the bookmark is at a POS it will move to/from a corporate hangar array. The destination bookmark label must be entered on the freighter tab of the EVEBOT user interface. The source bookmarks are defined by a prefix entered on the freighter tab of the EVEBOT user interface. If a bookmark begins with this prefix it is considered a source station and the freighter will fly there to pick stuff up.

Freighter Notes

  • Since EVEBOT cannot tell if it is in the destination station when you start the bot it is best to start in space or at a source station.
  • Currently item filtering is not supported. The freighter will move everything it finds at a source location.


The courier mission runner is able to decline missions that aren't courier missions. If this happens too often, you will lose a lot of standing with your agent, which is bad. There is an XML file you can configure for other agents to work with if you would end up declining two missions within 4 hours of each other for your primary agent.

Look for Sample User Agents.xml under the Config folder in your EVEBot folder. Make a copy of this file and name it to be your character's name Agents.xml. For example, if your character is Bob Moron, call it Bob Moron Agents.xml

Edit the file and change the Set Name= from Sample User Agents to your character's name Agents. Also change the Setting Name= entries to the names of the agents you want to use. (Note, agent names listed here may or may not be valid. They are what was in the Sample User Agents.xml and I have not checked them out. Use at your own risk.)

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- Generated by LavishSettings v2 -->
	<Set Name="Bob Moron Agents">
		<Setting Name="Chakh Madafe">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Zidah Arvo">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Jiekan Jepen">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Ranta Tarumo">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Abishi Tian">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Ochishi Veilai">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Hasier Parcie">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Houve Raennere">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Antogase Pandon">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Fykalia Adaferid">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Uba Virserin">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Dalofer Mattore">1</Setting>

No other modes work at this time.


The ratter bot is designed to fly around belts in 0.0 and kill NPC rats. It is NOT designed for use in high security space, and there is a good chance of Concordokken if you try.
Options for the ratter box are configured on the Combat tab of EVEBot.

Features in the Combat tab of the UI: (as of 0.98 Revision 555)
* Minimum Armor - This option determines how low the bot will let your armor get before warping to safespot
* Minimum Shield - This option determines how low the bot will let your shield get before warping to safspot
* Minimum Cap - This option determines how low the capacitor can go (in percentage) before warping to safespot
* Always Shield Boost - Controls whether or not the bot keeps your shield booster running always or only when your shields start to go down.
* Launch Combat Drones - Determines whether or not the bot should send your combat drones to fight.
* Minimum Drones in Space - If you fall below this many drones, the bot will warp to base.
* Run On Low Ammo - Check this box to have the bot flee if you run out of ammo.
* Run On Low Cap - Check this box to have the bot warp to safespot when your capacitor runs out.
* Run On Low Tank - Check this box so the bot can run when your tank, shield or armor, fails.
* Run To Station - If this box is checked, the bot will warp and dock at a station instead of warping to safespot.
* Run On Non-Whitelisted Pilot - This box controls whether or not the bot warps to safespot if a pilot that isn't in your whitelist enters the system. More details on the whitelist below.
* Run On Blacklisted Pilot - This box controls whether or not the bot warps to safespot if a pilot on your blacklist enters the system. More details on the blacklist below.
* Chain Spawns - The idea behind this is that if you kill off part of a belt's spawn, but leave the rest, the part that you killed will respawn within a few minutes. Spawn chaining involves killing off the highest bounty spawns and leaving the cruiser escorts alive. This lets the high bounty ships respawn to be killed again and again.
* Minimum Chain Bounty - This is the value of the rats that you want to chain. By default, it is at 1.5 million, which will cause you to chain the high value spawns in 0.0 but not chain lower value spawns.
* Chain Spawns (while alone) - This option determines if you will continue to chain spawns if you are the only person in the system.
* Use Belt Bookmarks - This option lets the bot use your belt bookmarks instead of warping to the belt's warp-in point.

The whitelist and blacklist are stored individually per character in the config folder with the filename "Character Name_Whitelist.xml" or "Character Name_Blacklist.xml". To edit the whitelist or blacklist, open the desired XML file in your text editor of choice and create a Setting entry under the section for what you want to blacklist (Pilots, Corporations, or Alliances). For Name, I would use the name of what you are blacklisting (to help you remember which entry is which) and enter the ID number of what you are blacklisting between the brackets, where the 0 is in the example.

Sample: (Generated by LavishSettings v2)

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
	<Set Name="Pilots">
		<Setting Name="Sample_Pilot">0</Setting>
	<Set Name="Corporations">
		<Setting Name="Sample_Corporation">0</Setting>
	<Set Name="Alliances">
		<Setting Name="Sample_Alliance">0</Setting>
  • Newbie Tip: Finding CharID, CorporationID, and AllianceID is simple! If the person is in local with you, use one of the following:
  • echo ${Local[Bob Moron].CharID}
  • echo ${Local[Bob Moron].Corp.ID}
  • echo ${Local[Bob Moron].AllianceID}



This section is for links to modifications to EVEBot for a specific purpose, such as having it only mine specific types of ore. Create a separate page for your modification and add a link to it here.