EVEBot for Dummies

EVEBot for Dummies

So you just heard about this great awesomeness that is EVEBot and want to give it a shot yourself. Maybe you're a hotshot ratter that just wants to take some of the repetitiveness out of the isk grind, or maybe you're a mining tycoon that wants to sit back and let the isk roll in from the mining lasers. Regardless of your aspirations, this guide should be able to get just about anyone from a base EVE install to running EVEBot with minimal trouble. If you have any trouble with the instructions, feel free to hop on IRC and ask for help. There is usually someone willing to help if you're willing to wait a few minutes for someone to look at the chat.

What Is EVEBot?

EVEBot is a script written for the ISXEVE extension to [ Inner Space]. That's a lot to digest so let's break it down a little.

  • Script - Think of this like a Microsoft Office macro. It pulls data from the underlying program, checks it and manipulates it, then does something with it. It's the icing on the cake, so to speak.
  • Extension - Think of this like Microsoft Word. The extension interfaces with Inner Space to read data from the game. Scripts take the data from the extension. The extension determines what is available to scripts. For our purposes, and the scope of this document, ISXEVE is the only extension that matters. This is the moist, fluffy cake, lovingly baked by Amadeus.
  • Inner Space - Think of this like Microsoft Windows. Inner Space is the base of everything. It provides the extension with a way to interface with game data and so much more. Inner Space is very complicated and the vast majority of it is outside of our scope here. Think of it as the cake plate that the cake sits on top of. Innerspace is from LavishSoft.

In summary, for EVEBot to work, you will need Inner Space, ISXEVE, and EVEBot.

How to get Inner Space

At the website, you will find links to Register and Subscribe. You need to register first to create an account, then you subscribe. When you visit the Subscribe webpage, you will be asked for the account name, then a payment type. There are two check boxes on the page. READ THE TEXT NEXT TO THE BOXES! I cannot stress this enough. After you have read the text, check the boxes, then click Continue with Purchase. Follow the instructions, and once you have finished with the payment information, your subscription will be setup. This subscription does not auto-renew, but you can see when it will expire.

Next, you will need to download Inner Space. If you can't figure this part out for yourself, there's not much I can do for you.

Finally, run the installer you just downloaded. Take the defaults. The defaults are good. After you install, you will have the Inner Space icon on your desktop. Run this, and it will start to update. If you are not prompted for your login, right-click on the Inner Space icon in your system tray and select Lavish Software Login. Enter your username and password, select the Automatically log me in from now on box if you would like, then click OK. With any luck, you are now logged in and Inner Space is active!

How to get isxEVE

Amadeus already created a great walk through on how to get, subscribe, install, and configure ISXEVE.

  • Get Subscription here.
  • Download it here.
  • Install it. It will detect your InnerSpace folder (If you're here, this is probably c:\program files\innerspace) and stick itself in the extensions subfolder.
  • Costs $15 for 3 months. Paypal is the only method of payment for ISXEVE
    • (You CAN use a credit card through Paypal).

How to get EVEBot

EVEBot is an open-source project and is available on github.   For those familiar with git and/or github, you can find the repository at

Otherwise, the easiest way to download, use, and keep EVEBot up-to-date is with a piece of software called TortoiseGit.   Listed below are the steps required to download/install EVEBot using TortoiseGit.

  1. Download TortoiseGit from the internet at (be sure that you install the 32 or 64-bit version depending upon your current operating system.)  Install it and reboot your computer.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, find your InnerSpace installation directory and then go to the "Scripts" sub-directory.  (For example, "c:\InnerSpace\Scripts\")
  3. Again, using Windows Explorer, right-click your mouse in that folder and select the option "Git Clone..."
  4. When the next window opens, use the following settings and then click OK (you do not need to alter any of the other settings):

Directory:  LEAVE AS IS [it should already be set to something like "C:\InnerSpace\Scripts\EVEBot"]

  1. The new directory that was created (/innerspace/Scripts/EVEBot) should have an "Git" icon in it (if you properly installed TortoiseGit). Now, right click on the directory and choose "Git Pull..." to update all of your files (You do not need to change any of the default values in the "Git Pull" dialog window.) You should update the EVEBot directory at least once every few weeks to stay up-to-date with your files.  ALL updates will be done this way.
  2. Now, once you're in-game and ISXEVE is loaded, simply type run EVEBot in the console to start the script.


Setting Up The Missioner Agentlist

See EVEBot Missioner

So What Now?

Now it is time to play!

  1. Right-click the Inner Space icon in your system tray, pick the option you created for EVE when you setup ISXEVE,
  2. then select the default profile. You should come up to the EVE login screen. Go ahead and login to your character just like you normally would. Once you are logged in, hit the ` key (next to the 1 and above Tab on US keyboard layouts) to bring up the console,
  3. then enter "ext isxeve" and hit enter. If you installed everything correctly, you'll get a thank you message from Amadeus. If you get some kind of error, come into IRC and give us that error message and we'll see if we can help you.
    1. If you happen to get the message "Extension 'isxeve' is already loaded" then you setup isxeve to load automatically with your profile and can ignore this step from now on.
  4. Assuming ISXEVE loaded correctly, type in "run evebot" (this will run the 'evebot' script from the 'stable' folder you downloaded earlier) and hit enter. You should have a window pop up that stays on top of everything in your EVE window. This is your interface for EVEBot. View the EVEBot page for a list of what the options do. At this point, configure the bot for how you wish to use it, then hit RUN in the top left.