EVEBot Missioner

EVEBot is capable of running missions for you, this page details how to configure it to achieve this.

Agent Setup

Look for Sample User Agents.xml under the Config folder in your EVEBot folder. Make a copy of this file and name it to be your character's name Agents.xml. For example, if your character is Bob Moron, call it Bob Moron Agents.xml

Edit the file and change the Set Name= from Sample User Agents to your character's name Agents. Also change the Setting Name= entries to the names of the agents you want to use. Change the number after the agent name to be whatever level the agent is. When you are done you should have something that looks like this

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- Generated by LavishSettings v2 -->
	<Set Name="Bob Moron Agents">
		<Setting Name="Chakh Madafe">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Zidah Arvo">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Jiekan Jepen">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Ranta Tarumo">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Abishi Tian">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Ochishi Veilai">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Hasier Parcie">4</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Houve Raennere">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Antogase Pandon">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Fykalia Adaferid">2</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Uba Virserin">1</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Dalofer Mattore">1</Setting>

When you activate EVEBot in missioner mode , it will go and get missions from the agents you put in the configuration file. If you want to run courier missions you should only put agents that give out a high percentage of courier missions. EVEBot will decline any missions that do not match the type you have told it to accept. It will only decline one mission from each agent every 4 hours to avoid standing loss, if there are more agents available it will move on to a different agent otherwise it will pause.

Courier Missions

In courier mode EVEBot will attempt to run courier missions, and will decline anything else. It will make multiple runs if it cannot haul all the cargo in one run. Very Simple.

Combat Missions

To run combat missions , EVEBot uses a preset list of commands that are executed once it warps to the encounter bookmark. The list of commands it uses it unique to each mission. You will most likely to have to create your own list of commands for your missions , at the moment the only missions with commands are level 2 missions and the list is incomplete.

The mission database is located in evebot/data/missiondatabase.xml , they are stored as LavishSettings. Lavishsettings is CASE SENSITIVE so is NOT the same as so check you have your case correct! Here is what it should look like.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- Generated by LavishSettings v2 -->
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <Set Name="Mission Database">
    <Set Name = "Rogue Drone Harassment"> *this is the name of the mission as it appears in your journal*
      <Set Name = "2"> *this is the level of the mission*
        <Set Name = "Commands"> *this is the list of commands we want to execute*
          <Set Name = "1" Action ="NextRoom">
          <Set Name = "2" Action = "ClearRoom">
          <Set Name = "3" Action = "NextRoom">
          <Set Name = "4" Action = "ClearRoom">

The "commands" following the following format

<Set Name = "Commandnumber" Action = "COMMAND NAME">

EVEBot will iterate through all the commands in the order you put them. To use a command with parameters the format is as so

<Set Name ="1" Action ="LootItem">
  <Setting Name = "parameter1">Hairy Men</Setting>

This would call the LootItem command with the parameter "Hairy Men". Note, if you call a command with invalid parameters you may crash the bot. The command names are also case sensitive.

List of commands for combat missions

Note this is subject to change and the full current list is available in core/obj_MissionCombat.iss


  • Parameters - EntityName
  • This will attempt to approach the nearest entity of the given name
  • Completes immediately


  • Parameters - None
  • This will fly to the nearest acceleration gate and use it
  • Completes when the ship drops out of warp on the other side


  • Parameters - None
  • Begins approaching the nearest acceleration gate
  • Completes instantly


  • Parameters - AggroCount
  • Waits for the given number of hostiles to target it
  • Completes when the number of hostiles targetting it exceeds or equals the AggroCount parameter


  • Parameters - None
  • This will attempt to kill any npc aggressors
  • Completes when nothing is targeting you


  • Parameters - None
  • This will destroy all NPCs targetting it, then pull the nearest NPC if there are any left
  • Completes when there are no more NPCs to shoot


  • Parameters - EntityName
  • Targets the nearest entity with the correct name and tries to kill it , approaches if needed
  • Completes when the target is dead or disappears


  • Parameters - Timeout(minutes)
  • Kills everything but will wait for the Timeout before completing
  • Completes when there have been no NPCs detected for the number of minutes specified


  • Parameters - None
  • Will wait until any targets you have previously queued up are destroyed/gone
  • Completes when there are no targets left that you have manually queued up


  • Parameters - None
  • Approaches the nearest valid target untill it reaches firing distance then opens fire
  • Completes when anything targets it back


  • Parameters - StructureName
  • Kills the nearest structure with the given name
  • Completes when the structure is dead


  • Parameters - Item Name
  • Sets the name of the item it looks for when CheckCans/CheckWrecks/CheckSpawnContainers is called
  • Completes instantly


  • Parameters - none
  • Approaches and loots any spawn containers in the area looking for the loot item you set previously
  • Completes when all spawn containers have been checked or the item is found


  • Parameters none
  • Exactly the same as CheckSpawnContainers but checks all nearby Cargo containers instead
  • Completes when all the cargo containers have been checked or the item is found


  • Parameters - Wreck Name (can be partial)
  • Checks all wrecks which match or contain the name given , ie if "Transport" is the parameter it would check "Blood raider Transport wreck"
  • Completes when it finds and loots the loot item , or finishes checking all wrecks


  • Parameters - Collidable Name
  • Will begin approaching the nearest collidable object with the name given
  • Completes immediately