Character Training


Automated Skill Training

EVEBot has the built-in ability to automate the skill training of your character. However, for this to work you are required to setup a training file for each character you'd like to automate. Also, this file is mentioned in the EVEBot GUI, when starting first starting the bot.

First Disable TrainFastest Option!

By default EveBot now will automatically train skills, sorted by training time, so the quickest skills will be trained first. If you want to train skills in a specific order, first you need to change this setting first:

  1. Make sure EveBot is not running - close it if it is
  2. Open your ..\InnerSpace\Scripts\evebot\config\(charactername) config.xml file.
  3. Find the setting: TRUE : and set it to FALSE.
  4. Now after you follow the steps below to create your (Character Name) Training.txt file, EveBot will follow your chosen skill plan.

You need to turn EveBot off while changing the setting above because it saves current settings when you close it, and only reads certain settings when it is first started.

Character Training File

  • Note: Evebot will now automatically generate the file with the correct naming, if "TrainSkillsByTime" is changed to FALSE in the configuration file for your respective character.

File Location

Under normal circumstances there are two locations in which to place this file, assuming you installed InnerSpace to it's default location. If you installed EVEBot directly into the InnerSpace scripts folder, your Character Training file will be located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\InnerSpace\Scripts\config\

If you installed EVEBot into it's own sub folder within the scripts folder, your Character Training file will be located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\InnerSpace\Scripts\EVEbot\config\
  • If you installed InnerSpace into a custom directory, you'll have to adjust your directory tree accordingly.

File Naming

This is the part that seems to mess people up the most. The naming of the file specifically. The correct way to name the file is:

{Your Character's Name} Training.txt

You replace the "{Your Character's Name}" to the name of your character. Duh. If your character's name is Jilly JimboBiggins, then the file name would be:

Jilly JimboBiggins Training.txt
  • There is NO underscore between the character's name, and "Training.txt" Only, a space.

File Setup

Now for the skill training queue setup. Lets say we wanted to train up to Warp Drive Operation 5. The file setup would look like:

Navigation I
Navigation II
Navigation III
Warp Drive Operation I
Warp Drive Operation II
Warp Drive Operation III
Warp Drive Operation IV
Warp Drive OPeration V
  • For easier editing of your training file, use EVEMon. With EVEMon, you can export your training plain, directly to your character training.txt. Just export the plan as plain text, uncheck "Include header with character name" - "Number entries" - "Include training time". Voila.


  • For the training queue to work, you'll need all of the afore mentioned items.
  • EVEBot has to be running for the skills to change in and out.
  • EVEBot will not learn new training books you have sitting in your cargohold. For a skill to queue up properly, it already has to be in your Character Sheet.


Having problems? Post in the forum or join IRC and ask. Be prepared to wait for anyone in the channel to notice your question and answer it. You don't know how many people login, ask a question, and leave empty handed because they left too soon.