What this does

This launcher was designed to automatically login to eve on a specified character. It can be used to start ANY bot (by default, EVEBot) after logging in. It will login any number of characters on the same computer, simply by differing the command line parameters.
It has explicit knowledge of:
  • EVEBot
  • EVEBot Dev
  • Stealthbot
  • Arbitrary scripts (anything that doesn't require special handling)


The Launcher is part of the EVEBot SVN repository. If you've installed EVEBot from SVN, then you've successfully installed the Launcher as well.
If not, see EVEBot_for_Dummies


There is a configuration template provided for you inScripts/EVEBot/Config/Config_Templates/Launcher.xml. Copy this file to: Scripts/EVEBot/Config/Launcher.xml and edit it.
Inside it looks like this:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- Generated by LavishSettings v2 -->
	<Set Name="Character_Name1">
		<Set Name="Common">
			<Setting Name="Login Name">username1</Setting>
			<Setting Name="Login Password">password1</Setting>
			<Setting Name="AutoLoginCharID">0</Setting>
	<Set Name="Character_Name2">
		<Set Name="Common">
			<Setting Name="Login Name">username2</Setting>
			<Setting Name="Login Password">password2</Setting>
			<Setting Name="AutoLoginCharID">0</Setting>

How to Edit:

  1. Character_Name1 -> Replace with the character name (may contain spaces)
  1. username1 -> Replace with the EVE username for Character_Name1
  1. password1-> Replace with the EVE passwordfor Character_Name1
  1. AutoLoginCharID -> Replace the 0 with the Character ID # for Character_Name1
(HINT: To find this number, login to this character manually first, load ISXEVE, and in the InnerSpace console, type: echo ${Me.CharID} )

Command Line Parameters

The launcher accepts two parameters, first, the character to login, second, the bot (or script) to run
    • run EVEBot/Launcher "CharName" Bot
      • "CharName" is the name of the character to login.
Bot is the bot to start. Choices include "EVEBot", "EVEBot_Dev", "StealthBot"
If an unknown bot name is specified, it will be treated as a script name and executed via run
ie, "run launcher "charname" foo" will login "charname", then start scripts/foo.iss


  • Now when you load up EVE via InnerSpace, you can type:
    • AutoLogin "Character Name1"
      • run EVEBot/Launcher "Character Name1"
    • AutoLogin "Character Name1" and start EVEBot
      • run EVEBot/Launcher "Character Name1" EVEBot
    • AutoLogin "Character Name2" and start StealthBot
      • run EVEBot/Launcher "Character Name2" StealthBot
Ideally, you would add this as an entry for this in your InnerSpace EVE profile so it will automatically execute when you start up the profile.
Note that quotes around the character name are important if the character name has spaces.

Automatically recovering from disconnects or downtime

You can get this to work by
  1. Setting the command to run in the startup of your InnerSpace EVE Profile
  1. Checking the "REBOOT CLIENT ON DISCONNECT" Option in the EVE client itself under General Settings.


Having problems? Post in the forum or join IRC and ask. Be prepared to wait for anyone in the channel to notice your question and answer it. You don't know how many people login, ask a question, and leave empty handed because they left too soon.


  • Q: I get an error in the console that says No login, pw, or CharID found in config when I try to run the launcher
  • A: You most likely did not provide a CharID, but it could be either your username, password, or charID is missing from the launcher_config.xml that causes this.