QUESTDATA::NAME(Supplies for Brianna)
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(I was delivering a package to Brianna, but when chased by dogs, I must have dropped some of the objects in the package. Now before she gives me the delivery reciept, I have to find or make the goods she needs.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(I need to make the replacement items that Brianna needs.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.1(I have acquired ten tin bars for Brianna.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.2(I have acquired five tin spikes for Brianna.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.3(I need to bring ten brown coal to Brianna.)

QUESTDATA::NAME(Cleansing the Corruption)
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(The soul of Quartermaster Berlon, a former knight within the ruined halls, has beseeched me to cleanse the filth so that his soul may begin to rest.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(I must cleanse the vermin that infests Stormhold.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.1(I have destroyed four of the defiled sentries.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.2(I have destroyed four of the defiled squires.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.3(I have destroyed four of the defiled knights.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.4(I must destroy four of the defiled cavaliers.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.5(I have destroyed four of the defiled crusaders.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.6(I must destroy two of the defiled storm lords.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.7(I must destroy two of the defiled squalls.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.8(I have destroyed two of the defiled torrents.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.9(I have destroyed a defiled tempest.)

QUESTDATA::NAME(Where Will This Lead Me? )
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(In the Thundermist Village I came across a very sick barbarian. The only relevant information I got out of him was something about a hermit. I think he thinks the hermit got him sick. Perhaps if I find this hermit I could help the ailing barbarian.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(I found the hermit whom the barbarian was speaking of.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.0(The elderly hermit pleaded for my aid. I agreed to help free his mentor from those who betrayed him and keep him captive. I'm sure I can get the attention of the captors if I start killing their guards and apprentices.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.1(I must destroy Thimzem Ci'Re.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.2(I must destroy Et'sipe Ymeresh.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.3(I must destroy Erbmys Sumyd.)

QUESTDATA::NAME(The D'Morte Family Crest)
QUESTDATA::CURRENTZONE(The Crypt of T'haen: Endless Twilight)
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(The ribbon bearing the crest of the D'Morte family shimmers slightly through the tarnish that has built up over the centuries. A faint, almost imperceptible, glow seems to emanate from the silver symbol.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(The crest seemed to glow very brightly as I neared the falls.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.0(As soon as the intruder fell, the gentle tug of the crest continued its pull towards the Timber Falls.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:3.0(Upon entering the Tombs, you sense the ring pulling you deeper inside. Perhaps further exploration will reveal more...)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:4.0(There is yet a deeper urge from the crest to visit the vaults above these caves.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:4.1(Find a way to access the higher areas of the caves.)

QUESTDATA::NAME(Ironforge Exchange Task)
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(I have been assigned a work order from the Ironforge Exchange.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(I need to complete the work order to serve the Ironforge Exchange.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.1(I've been assigned to make a few shaped conditioned briarwood short bow.)

QUESTDATA::NAME(A Darkened Shard)
QUESTDATA::DESCRIPTION(I've heard tales of strange cairns appearing in the Thundering Steppes followed by bands of gnolls. The gnolls are rumored to be abducting people who haven't been seen or heard from again.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.0(I found the cairn.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:2.0(I found another shard inside the cave, it melded together with the piece I have.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:3.0(I've gained the trust of the Splitpaw gnolls and have discovered that another group of gnolls have been attacking the Splitpaw from below and forcing them to the surface.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:4.0(Members of the Splipaw gnolls have gone missing and I have been asked to seek out what is happening to them. I should gather two groups of traveling companions to take with me.)
QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:4.1(I need to find out whats happening to the Splitpaw gnolls.)