Eq2containerwindowitem&nbsp(Data Type)


This DataType includes data available to ISXEQ2 related to the items found in a container window. (A "container window" is any window that has "Container" on it's name tab.)


Item Details

  • bool IsItemInfoAvailable
    • If the item "details" are not already stored in a cache, then this will return FALSE until it is available.  Script writers are encouraged to utilize the logic shown in the sample included with the Knowledgebase article "Iterating Inventory and Handling 'iteminfo' Aquisition".
  • iteminfo ToItemInfo
    • (Note:   Due to how ISXEQ2 handles the acquisition of iteminfo, script writers should check IsItemInfoAvailable until it's TRUE before using ToItemInfo (as opposed to checking ToItemInfo until it's not NULL.)    This methodology will avoid spamming the server with requests.)

Technical Notes

  • The ID member from this datatype is used exlusively for the RemoveItem method of the eq2containerwindow datatype.