Craft (command)


  • Craft [options]
  • Craft [Recipe_Queue_Name]
-v             Verbose mode. Will echo to console/chat window. This used to be the default. 
-vv   Extra verbose mode. Implies -debug. Echos everything possible 
-q Quiet mode. Not even error messages will display. 
-chat Sends all non-debug output to the EQ2 chat window. 
-debug  Enables debug output to console and file 
-load <LIST NAME>                                               Loads and processes the specified saved favorite list, but does not begin crafting. Allows you to go shopping before starting the queue. 
-start   If a recipe queue has been loaded with -load, this will begin crafting after processing the recipe queue. 


This is a standard crafting script.  It is embedded into ISXEQ2.   It will automatically craft ANY recipe no matter what tradeskill class or level you are, as long as the recipe exists in your recipe book.