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Open-world Raid Content Restrictions

ISXEQ2 does not recognize most contested, open-world raid content. Additionally, when one of these boss "actors" are within range of the extension AND in "combat mode", the following features of ISXEQ2 will stop functioning:

  • Target TLO, Actor TLO, CustomActor TLO
  • Me.Group, Me.Raid, Me.Pet, Me.Ability, Me.Pet, Actor.Pet, EQ2.GetActors
  • Target Command, Where Command, Face Command


  1. The radar will continue to function; however, it will not update with any 'new' actors until the contested actor is out-of-range, not visible to the extension (i.e., dead),or not in combat mode.  You may need to reload the radar to add any actors that would have been added when these conditions were true.
  2. Once the contested actor is not within range of ISXEQ2, or out of combat, then ISXEQ2 will resume normal functionality.

Affected Boss Actors:

  • case EQ2Zone__The_Bonemire:
    • "Bearer of the Crux"
    • "Bearer of the Carpus"
    • "The Barbed Duke"
    • "Bearer of Gore"
    • "The Ravaging Maw"
    • "The Umbral Keeper"
    • "Shade of Ghazi"
    • "The Mutagenic Outcast"
  • case EQ2Zone__Barren_Sky:
    • "Prince Urbaniok the Just"
    • "Prince Strixus the Wise"
    • "Prince Kulkak the Ruthless"
    • "Solusek Ro"
  • case EQ2Zone__Tenebrous_Tangle:
    • "Hurricanus the Patriarch"
  • case EQ2Zone__The_Temple_Of_Scale:
    • "Pantrilla"
    • "Vraksakin"
  • case EQ2Zone__The_Mystic_Lake:
    • "The Overseer of Change"
    • "Korzak the Constructor"
    • "The Direvine Matron"
  • case EQ2Zone__Loping_Plains:
    • "The Pumpkin Headed Horseman"
    • "Drinal"
  • case EQ2Zone__Castle_Mistmoore:
    • "Mayong Mistmoore"
  • case EQ2Zone__Fens_of_Nathsar:
    • "The Tangrin"
  • case EQ2Zone__Arena_of_the_Gods_Raid:
  • case EQ2Zone__Precipice_of_Power:
    • ALL
  • case EQ2Zone__Antonica:
    • "Rodcet Nife"
  • case EQ2Zone__Great_Divide:
    • "Sullon Zek"
  • case EQ2Zone__Eastern_Wastes:
    • "Tallon Zek"
  • case EQ2Zone__The_Withered_Lands:
    • "Vallon Zek"
  • case EQ2Zone__The_Lesser_Faydark:
    • "Tunare"
    • "Avatar of Growth"
  • case EQ2Zone__Rivervale:
    • "Avatar of Mischief"
  • case EQ2Zone__Lavastorm:
    • "Avatar of Flame"
  • case EQ2Zone__The_Commonlands:
    • "Mithanial Marr"
    • "Avatar of Valor"
  • case EQ2Zone__Cobalt_Scar:
    • "Prexus"
  • case EQ2Zone__Zek:
    • "Avatar of War"
  • case EQ2Zone__Feerrott:
    • "Avatar of Fear"