StealthBot: StealthBot v0.9.2.7 Released

Added by CyberTech almost 10 years ago

StealthBot v0.9.2.7 has been released and is available for update. This build brings improvements to movement, anomaly Ratting support through the system scanner, and numerous assorted bugfixes.

StealthBot: and previous releases

Added by CyberTech almost 10 years ago

  • In weapon rearming, replace the null check on module.charge with a null or invalid check

  • Remove some unnecessary drone-related logging
  • Add some more weapon module logging

  • Make Ratting capable of using the uplink to coordinate only having one player move to a given anomaly
  • Don't attempt to send events to a relaygroup using "other <relaygroup>"
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Add a debug message for failure to reload when all modules are empty

  • Whenever all modules are out of charges, rearm them.

  • Swap the "nearby anomaly" check for a "wrecks exist" check when determining if Ratting should create a salvage bookmark after an anomaly

  • Minor code cleanup
  • Remove logging of fleet combat assist requests
  • Disable relay updating of config profiles ¬†due to ExecuteCommand internally using a framelock
  • Add logging to the conditions for creating an anomaly bookmark

  • Attempt to prime ship CargoCapacity if it's returning 0

  • Fix an issue in copying profiles

  • Fix an issue preventing ship stopping after completing an obstacle avoidance orbit
  • Add support for Max Runtime to Ratting
  • Tweak sizes of various items in the UI
  • Update some referenced assemblies in the obfuscation process

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