Bug #2092

evewindow members (capacity and usedcapacity) returning -1

Added by bjcasey over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.



When using individual cargo windows, in space or in a station/citadel the following code is always returnning -1.

echo ${EVEWindow[byCaption,"Active ship"].Capacity}

I have tested the following and confirmed them to be working correctly:

echo ${EVEWindow[byCaption,"Ore Hold"].Capacity}
echo ${EVEWindow[byCaption,"Fleet Hangar"].Capacity}
echo ${EVEWindow[byCaption,"Cargo Container"].Capacity}

I do not know how long it has been broken, but the last entry in your changelog for evewindow was on:

March 18, 2018
* Fixed the "Capacity" and "UsedCapacity" MEMBERS of the 'evewindow' when used with cargo containers.

All ships have a cargo hold and when using the individual/separate window it has a caption of Active ship.


Updated by Amadeus over 3 years ago

I will need a few days to find time to look into this, but I will do my best to take care of it soon.

Until then, can you confirm that all of the other members/methods work for ${EVEWindow[byCaption,"Active ship"]... other than "Capacity" and "UsedCapacity"?   


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Updated by bjcasey over 3 years ago

I have tested and confirmed working the following members:

I have tested and confirmed working the following methods:

The other members and methods don't really apply to that window.


Updated by Amadeus over 3 years ago

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Fixed in 20180823.0003

August 23, 2018
* Fixed
* Removed the following MEMBERS from the 'evewindow' datatype:
  1. ItemID
  2. Capacity
  3. UsedCapacity
* Added the following MEMBERS to the 'eveinvwindow' datatype:
  1.  Capacity          (double type)
  2.  UsedCapacity      (double type)
  3.  LocationFlag      (string type)
  4.  LocationFlagID    (int type)
  5.  IsInRange         (bool type)
  6.  ItemID            (int64 type)
  7.  HasCapacity       (bool type)
    ~ Note:  If a child window has TRUE for 'HasCapacity' and the 'Capacity' and/or
             'UsedCapacity' is -1, then the child window has not been made active yet.

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