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Ascension combo tab

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Here is an idea to add a tab to Ogre Uplink that would allow configuration of Ascension abilities across group members based on roles.  If done right, you could manage execution of Ascension abilities there and no in cast orders to optimize across group members in combos of 2 or even 3.  I see this as 3 tabs - An ascension / group setup tab, a combo assignment tab and a cast order configuration tab.

Uplink spec:

Ascension Settings:

Part 1:  Group Setup Tab:

Map alias (Tank, Healer1, DPS1, Bard, etc.) to Ascension classes (e.g. Geomancer1, Geomancer2, Etherealist1, Elementalist. etc.)

So a group setup tab would look something like (with group aliases and ascension classes configuarable):

Tank -> Geomancer1
Healer1 -> Thaumaturgist
DPS1 -> Geomancer2
DPS1 -> Etherealist1
Enchanter -> Etherealist2
Bard -> Elementalist

Part 2:  Combo Tab:

Each combo would allow up to 3 inputs for the ascension roles in case of multiple ascension classes in group.  The first ascension class entered for the combo would start the combo and the next ones would be delayed to execute immediately afterward the prevous.  You would have to be careful about ascension classes leapfrogging their trigger ascension abilities in case the 2nd or 3rd ones have faster cast times than the previous one.  Essentially 3 configurable inputs with the ascension classes assigned from previous tab as drop down inputs:  Start input, combo1 input, combo2 input.

Combo 1:  [Stone Hammer + Blood Contract]        Start:  Geomancer1  Combo1:  Thaumuturgist    Combo2: Geomancer2

In this first example, the Geomancer1 would cast stone hammer, then immediately afterwards, Thaumaturgist would cast blood contract, then immediately after Geo2 would cast stone hammer.  You could also configure this as:

Start:  Thaumuturgist    Combo1: Geomancer1 Combo2: blank (no additional Thaumaturgist in group)

Part 3:

Casting preferences:  

Configurable preferences for casting ascension combos.

For each combo, I recommend inputs for similar preferences as the Ogre profile casting tab (e.g. Named, NonNamed, Ignore Duration, Ignore AE, etc.)

The key is that no additional ascension abilities can be cast while a combo is in progress as it will cancel the combo.  Therefore casting preferences need to have some delaying built in where characters normal cast order would occur.  Also the window of opportunity between combo casting is about 1 sec (or less), you will probably have to build in a cancel_spellcast and clearabilityqueue like functionality to ensure they cast right away.

More than happy to jump in vent to discuss design specifics or toss ideas around on this.  I realize this would be some work and you might even already being doing something similar.  But if not, here is a suggestion that would optimize what appears to be a major part of character dps for some time to come.  I would also be willing to contribute some funding to help with the development effort if needed.


Updated by Kannkor over 6 years ago

You can pretty much do that already, but within the cast stack.

You take your Geomancer, and have them cast Stone hammer, then any Thaumuturgist's in the group would automatically cast Blood Contract. Then any additional Geomancers would then automatically cast Stone Hammer. Giving you a 3 way combo. All you need to do, is have everyones [x] Auto Complete Ascension Combos checked (Settings tab, bottom right hand corner).

Then, only have Geomancer1's 'Stone Hammer' in the cast stack. Done easy peasy.


Some things in your post have changed.

The key is that no additional ascension abilities can be cast while a combo is in progress as it will cancel the combo.

This is no longer true. They don't seem to cancel each other any more.


Also the window of opportunity between combo casting is about 1 sec (or less)

The window is MUCH larger than that now. Especially if you have the rune set that increases it. I want to say it's 5s without and 8s with? I figured it out some and wrote it down some where, but it's more than enough time.


What some people have done, is flagged Ascension abilities by using the Tag system, so you can turn on/off ascension abilities at will. IE:

AscensionStarter, AscensionCombo, etc. By default AscensionCombos are disabled, since they will cast them via a combo, but allows you to turn them on at will if you need (group make up changes etc).

Also allows you to turn off priests from casting ascension very easily if it's a very heal intensive fight and you don't want them doing 3s cast times.


Updated by pelly over 6 years ago

Ok Thanks.  I was going on outdated information it appears.  Basically on the premise that ascensions spells not in the combo sequence cast in the group would cancel out a combo in progress.  I'll pay closer attention to my logs.  I've been running PG so much so haven't been able to tell lately.


I use tags already as well.  Thanks for fast response.


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