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Fervor procs and optimum use of abilities

Added by mattb almost 8 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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I am specifically requesting this for use with the bow "Fai Thass, The Ravager" as I do not know whether other items with similar procs work the same way.

This bow procs 100 Fervor for 8 seconds roughly every 30 seconds.

The character gets a message "Ravaging imbues your actions.". This is the only indication of it procing. There is no spell icon or anything like that.

Because the bot doesn't know when this is procing, it just goes through its cast stack. What would be ideal, is if it could identify when it procs and take preference for some bigger hitting abilities. In the case of a ranger, using Sniper Squad and then Sniper shot for example, would greatly increase DPS.

There are now other abilities and procs that cast Fervor, such as dirge spell "Requiem" that lasts 20s. This is another ability that if the bot can know its up and burst its big hitting abilities, will increase DPS.


Updated by mattb almost 8 years ago

I guess what I'm hoping can be done is the bot being able to identify its Fervor amount, a bit like increments on a spell, and if it's on a certain amount, cast the big hitters. 

So each spell/ability has the option of "Cast when Fervor > 15, else skip" for example, with the number able to be chosen by the user.

No idea if this is possible at all though.


Updated by Kannkor about 5 years ago

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Added as Cast Stack option. You can specific to cast each ability with > or < amount of fervor you specify.

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