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In-station fitting access

Added by Stealthy over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:ImplementedStart date:Sep 19, 2014
Priority:NormalDue date:
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I'd like the ability to use in-station fitting services to replace modules on ships in order to tailor tank modules for a given mission.

I would need to:

1) Unfit existing modules

2) Fit new items as modules (ideally, being able to specify slot)

TestFittingWindow.iss (2.22 KB) Amadeus, Sep 19, 2014 10:15 PM


#1 Updated by Amadeus over 5 years ago

Being able to fit an item to a specific slot might require a bit more time; however, everything else should be included in tonight's ISXEVE patch:

September 19, 2014
* NEW Datatype: 'fittingslot'
New Members:
  1. Name             (string)  [i.e., "LoSlot0"]
  2. ID               (int)
  3. IsOnline         (bool)
  4. ContainsCharge   (bool)
  5. IsEmpty          (bool)
  5. Module           (module)  
New Methods:
  1. PutOnline
  2. PutOffline
  3. Unfit
  4. UnfitCharge
* NEW Datatype: 'evefittingwindow' [inherits 'evewindow']
New Members:
  1. CPU              (string)
  2. Power            (string)
  3. Calibration      (string)
New Methods:
  1. GetSlots[index:fittingslot]    (Note:  The index that is populated contains all possible slots.)
* Datatype: 'ship'
New Method:
  1. StripFitting
* Datatype: 'station'
New Method:
  1. OpenFitting
* EVEWindow TLO:  Using the argument "Fitting" will return a 'fittingwindow' datatype object if the Fitting window
  is currently available.

I have also attached a sample script which shows the usage and/or provides information on everything in this patch.  (See at the top where it says "File:  TestFittingWindow.iss")

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