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Differenciated Cast stack

Added by ethreayd about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Hi Kannkor,

It would be nice to have different cast stack profiles that we be use depending of the named. There will be a default one, a dps one, a tank one etc. So by example the tank can change stance because for this named, only DPS matter. There will be a menu to associated named to a CS profile.

Cheers !



Updated by ethreayd about 8 years ago

Ideally, it should have a default for trash and a default for named. namedCA deals with specific to named stuff for combat arts. But you can choose to have a different, say heal, strategy depending on the target or situation. It should apply the named profile over the trash profile when the named is engaged.


Updated by Kannkor almost 8 years ago

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Unlikely to ever happen. There is "time" required to load a profile, as it's a LOT of information, and having the bot do that automatically when a fight starts would be terrible. On named specifically, you could have a few seconds of zero healing because the bot is reloading itself.


You can make an MCP button to load a profile, and use it where you see fit. I suspect even doing that is way more work than most people care. Just use your 'named' profile on trash. Does saving 3 seconds from having a priest do twice the damage really matter?

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