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Nov 25, 2018

11:27 AM OgreBot Bug #2107 (New): Ogre transmute does not handle very well 2 same object to transmute when you don...

If you got 2 SAME objects in a bag to transmute but do not have the transmuting skill to transmute them, it will stay...

Jul 04, 2018

06:34 AM OgreBot Bug #2088 (New): Issue with code to execute in Chat Event that has quote in it

Hello Kannkor,


I have a Chat Event that trigger this code :

oc !c -CastAbility ToonName "Tunare&...

01:03 AM OgreBot Feature - Enhancement #2087 (New): Adding the max number of target for AoE abilities in ogre ae

Hi Kannkor,


I am trying to do a cast stack using ogre ae. To do that I have to add manually the number o...

Feb 27, 2018

03:40 AM ISXEQ2 Bug #2053: Vendor.Merchant does not seem to work anymore

It works. Thank You !

Feb 09, 2018

12:26 AM ISXEQ2 Bug #2053 (Resolved): Vendor.Merchant does not seem to work anymore



I have this script that worked before in PoP to automatically buy the gear from the Tishan lockbo...

Dec 22, 2017

06:39 AM BJScripts Feature - Enhancement #2037 (New): Please put an option button in debug to on/off NAVIGATION DEBU...

Hi BJ,


It's very hard to debug its own script, especially when using QB with all the navigation debu...

Dec 14, 2017

01:56 AM Quest Bot 3.00 BETA Bug #2033 (New): Cannot use QuestBotAPI to start a task that is not in the toon profile filter

I have done several navigation files which are generally named "100 - Navigation - Go to Somewhere.xml"


Dec 09, 2017

09:37 AM Quest Bot 3.00 BETA Feature - New #2032 (New): Add a buy in merchant list

I can use apply verb to buy from merchant but I want to be able to buy object.

Afterward I will want to be able to...

Sep 02, 2017

01:26 AM OgreBot Bug #1990 (New): I have proof that Ogre may eat Gnomes but certainly hate dogs

When doing the Freeport quests, I notice that when the toon came close to a guard with a dog, even if they are grey t...

Aug 31, 2017

11:43 PM OgreBot Feature - Enhancement #1985 (New): add a way to programmatically "Clear all errors" in pg_ud

Hi Kannkor,


I know that AFK playing is wrong, but who loop PG UD without being at least a little AFK ? W...

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