Character (Data Type)


This Data Type includes all of the data available to ISXEVE that is specific to your own character.


  • entity ToEntity
  • pilot ToPilot
  • ship Ship (use MyShip instead for performance reasons)
  • standing StandingTo<MW_SINGLEBRACKET>ToCharID#,ToCorpID#,ToAllianceID#</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
    • Your current standing towards any CharID, CorporationID, or AllianceID. All 3 IDs are required. 0 or -1 are valid arguments for those without corporation or alliance.
  • bool AutoPilotOn
  • bool InSpace
  • fleet Fleet
  • fleetmember ToFleetMember
  • Self/Corporation/Location
    • string Name
    • corporation Corp
    • string Alliance
    • int AllianceID
    • string AllianceTicker
    • int RegionID
    • int ConstellationID
    • int SolarSystemID
    • int64 ShipID
    • int64 CharID
    • int64 ID
    • bool InStation
      • This does not change state until you are fully completed transitioning; for example, if you are undocking, it is TRUE until you actually arrive in space.
    • int StationID
      • If this is NULL, you're not in station
    • double Intelligence
    • double Perception
    • double Charisma
    • double Willpower
    • double Memory
    • int MaxLockedTargets
      • See also the 'MaxLockedTargets' member of the ship datatype for the ship restriction on locked targets
    • double MiningDroneAmountBonus
    • double MaxActiveDrones
    • double DroneControlDistance
    • double MaxJumpClones
  • station Station
  • Skills
        1. is between 1 and ${Me.GetSkills}
    • float64 SkillPoints
      • Your total number of skill points so far
    • skill SkillCurrentlyTraining
  • float64 SkillQueueLength
    • Note: The return value from this datatype member does not correlate, in any way, with the way that humans typically tell time. However, it is useful in the following contexts:
1. If it's >0, then you are still training. If it's 0 or NULL, then you're not training. Etc...
2. echo "My training queue will end at {$EVETime[${Math.Calc64[${Me.SkillQueueLength}+${EVETime.AsInt64}]}]}"
  • Target Related - Targeting & Targets
    • entity ActiveTarget
    • int TargetCount
    • int TargetingCount
    • int TargetedByCount


    • Argument is a PERCENTAGE of your max velocity.
    • The first argument is the "CorporationID" of the Corp, the second is the new "Standing", and then the "Reason"
    • The first argument is the "CharID" of the Pilot, the second is the new "Standing", and then the "Reason"
  • Undock
  • GetAttackers<MW_SINGLEBRACKET>index:attacker</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetAttackers<MW_SINGLEBRACKET>index:entity</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetTargets<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetTargetedBy<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetTargeting<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetActiveDroneIDs<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:int64></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetActiveDrones<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:activedrone></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetSkillQueue<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:queuedskill></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
    • Retrieves all items that are in your assets window
  • GetAssets<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:item>,#</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
    • Retrieves all items that match the StationID# given
  • GetStationsWithAssets<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:int64></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
    • Retrieves a list of StationID#s where you currently have assets.

"GetAssets" will NOT include items that are in the same station you are currently residing (if applicable).  However,
"GetStationsWithAssets" and "NumAssetsAtStation" WILL contain information about your current station.

  • GetCorpHangarItems<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetCorpHangarShips<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetHangarItems<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • GetHangarShips<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:entity></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
  • Market Methods
    • UpdateMyOrders
      • This method should be called before any calling of "GetMyOrders" or "DoGetMyOrders".
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder></MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all "My Orders"
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder>,#</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all "My Orders" for the given TypeID#
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder>,"Buy"</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all *buy* "My Orders"
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder>,"Buy",#</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all *buy* "My Orders" for the given TypeID#
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder>,"Sell"</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all *sell* "My Orders"
bool GetMyOrders<MW_SINGLEBRACKET><index:myorder>,"Sell",#</MW_SINGLEBRACKET>
Retrieves all *sell* "My Orders" for the given TypeID#

                NOTE: GetMyOrders returns NULL while the orders are being retrieved, call in a loop with a delay between calls.

                while !${Me:GetMyOrders[OrderIndex]}
                       wait 10
                echo Found ${OrderIndex.Used} orders



                variable index:entity EntitiesTargetingMe
                echo ${Me.GetTargeting[EntitiesTargetingMe]} entities are targeting me

Returning Your Name / ID / Station

                echo ${Me.StationID} ${Me.CharID} ${Me.Name}