Skill (Data Type)


This DataType includes information and performs actions that are exclusive to skills


  • string Name
  • int ID
  • string Group
  • int GroupID
  • bool IsTraining
  • float64 TimeToTrain
    • NOTE: This will be the time left to train this skill to the next level, no matter if the skill is currently being trained or not. If the value is ZERO, then the skill is maxed out.
ALSO! To get an accurate value for this, a skill must not be currently training. So, if you need to know the time remaining on a skill that is currently training, abort it first, then check this value.


  • AbortTraining
      1. is the level you want to train the current skill. EXAMPLE: Me.Skill[trade]:AddToQueue[1]
  • StartTraining
    • Per March 28, 2009 patch notes, this method actually does Me.Skill[SKILLNAME]:AddToQueue[${Math.Calc[${Me.Skill[SKILLNAME].Level}+1}]}]
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