Pilot (Data Type)


This DataType includes all of the data available to ISXEVE that is related to pilots.


  • string Name
  • int64 CharID
  • int64 ID
    • alias for Pilot.CharID
  • string Type
  • int TypeID
    • This is, for the most part, your 'race' subtype)
  • corporation Corp
  • string Alliance
  • int AllianceID
  • string AllianceTicker
  • entity ToEntity
    • If they're within range of your overhead.
  • fleetmember ToFleetMember
    • Returns NULL if this pilot is not in your gang.
  • standing Standing
    • Returns a standing data type with the pilot's standing info
  • int WarFactionID


    • EXAMPLE: "Local[Amadeus]:SetStanding[5.0,Amadeus rocks]"
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