Bug #2247

Face on actors/loc/# doesn't work properly on non-standard actors / boats/lifts

Added by Kannkor 7 months ago.



This is usually on objects that we don't really consider a standard actor (not npcs etc). Usually platforms, or other things like that.
In this example, which is easy to test on, I'll be using a boat.


Location: Antonica

Loc: 439.729645,-37.428322,821.322449

This is the dock, you can get here from clicking any bell (including one from GH) and going to antonica docks. Wait here and you will see a boat.


It's easiest if you use two characters.

Character 2 stands on the boat (anywhere, doesn't matter where).


Here are the following tests with what works/doesn't work

Character1 (Hence known as C1)

C1: Stands on the docks, targets C2, and does a "face" or "face ${Target.X} ${Target.Z}"

C1 will face C2, and it's working as expected. While the boat moves, you can keep doing this and it will continue to track that person properly.


C1 gets on the boat.

Repeat the process of facing C2, you will notice you are no longer facing C2.

You can also do a face #, for example, face 0 north when you're on land/dock. But when you're on the boat, face 0 doesn't work properly. It's almost as if it's some relative to the boat, or maybe how the boat spawned? I'm not sure, but it certainly isn't "north".


C1 is on the boat, and C2 is OFF the boat (on the dock), and you will have the exact same problem as when both C1 and C2 are on the boat.

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