Bug #2023

Astrobot Marks Belt clear, even despite the checkbox in mining being unselected

Added by Nerumph over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.



With both resetting the bot, and EWO, my foreman will often times mark a belt as "completed" without any warning, and despite there being more than enough minerals still left in the  belt to warrent such actions.

Unfortunately, this action does not change when deselecting "mark belt as cleared" in the mining action page.


Updated by bjcasey over 6 years ago

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This is not a bug.

AstroBot will mark a belt as cleared under the following conditions:

  • When selective mining is enabled and all user selected types have been mined within the user defined scan radius.
  • When strip mining is enabled and all asteroids within the user defined scan radius have been mined.

When marking a belt as cleared, by default it will write to a global file.  The checkbox on the mining page changes this behavior to marking the belt as cleared inside of the navigation route file.  This has the advantage of allowing a run through of belts for a specific type of ore and then another run through of those same belts using a different navigation file for a different type of ore.

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