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Hauler support for Abscam

Added by Hinge about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Hi BJ, 

Thanks for all the effort you put into this.

I just need a hauler that can service the jet cans of all fleet members and either drop off at a POS corporate hanger array or a citadel.

The hanger array is optimal as its faster and doesn't mess with the mining foreman bursts like a citadel will, but as you've stated, its hard for you to test.

Since the Orca is too slow to use in an "automatic" fashion in Null sec, i use the Porpoise, however the fleet hanger on a Porpoise is only 5000 m3, far too small to use as a non jet can drop off point.

The perfect hauler for me would be a Porpoise, using the Ore hold, bursting while on grid in the field and either "not" bursting as it warps out to a citadel or just screw it and send it to the POS array and not care about the bursts.



Updated by bjcasey about 7 years ago

  • Project changed from BJScripts to AstroBot
  • Status changed from New to Accepted

Updated by bjcasey almost 7 years ago

Looting - Change where it ignores a looted jetcan.  Add pickup of fleet hangars.

Pickup Mode - Add when requested.


Updated by bjcasey almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Implemented

The original feature request has been completed:

  • Modules - AstroBot now knows how to handle modules that will prevent you from docking or using a stargate while active. It will deactivate these modules and prevent them from being activated while docking or using autopilot to warp through a stargate.

The additional requests have been split off into their own request (pickup when requested).

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