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Sentry Drone combat profile

Added by rebellord about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Combat currently approaches and engages targets.  To best use sentry drones, an alternate but simple approach works best.

1.  Approach to within drone range (definable)

2.  Launch appropriate sentry

3.​  Orbit sentry at xxxx range

4.  Recall and relaunch sentry if taking damage

5.  Fire any additional weapons during all of this of course. 

6.  (Optional Microjump away if targets within y distance)

None of the current bots support this to my knowledge, it would give you something unique.


Updated by bjcasey about 6 years ago

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1. Combat Approach Distance is already definable on the Combat page.

2. & 3. I'll look into this when my sentry training finishes.

4. Is already a feature request and will be looked at when I add options to drone control.

5. Should already happen and just requires you to have configured how/when you want your weapons firing.

6. Should already be possible.  Set your Target Distance <= XXX.

Drone ships are kind of special and will be supported eventually.  It just might take a bit longer while other combat related functions are refined.


Updated by bjcasey about 6 years ago

Could I get a basic drone boat build to use in testing please?  I was trying to use a myrmidon with Warden I's, but they don't see to be able to hit the rats in the hisec belts I was testing in.

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