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Added by bjcasey over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Reminding CyberTech to add the launching of a MTU/Items and the scooping them to cargo to ISXEVE.


Updated by eurouk about 8 years ago

Yes, this feature is very needed.


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Give me an example of how I can reproduce, using the UI, what you're wanting.   Include what I need to buy/fit, etc. and then the exact procedure for making it happen.


Updated by bjcasey about 8 years ago

Item: Mobile Tractor Unit - Can easily be purchased on the market.

With the MTU in your cargo bay and your ship in space, right click it and select Launch for Self.  This will jettison it into space and start the activation time.  When it is finished it's activation sequence, it will start tractoring in wrecks and jetcans that you are able to loot.  You can open it's cargo and anything it loots you can move to your ship cargo.  To get the MTU back, you need to right click it and select Scoop to Cargo Hold.

There are a few restrictions on where it can be deployed: 

125km effective range

10 second activation time

Cannot be deployed within 5km of another MTU

Cannot be deployed within 50km of Stargates or Stations

Cannot be deployed within 40km of a Starbase

Decays after 2 days of being abandoned.


Updated by bjcasey about 8 years ago

The :SetName entity method does not appear to work for renaming the Mobile Tractor Unit. Here's a snippet of how I am trying to do it:

ISXEVE: entity:Open Error attempting to open an unsupported container: 1250:'Mobile Tractor Unit


Updated by bjcasey about 8 years ago

LaunchForSelf and ScoopToCargoHold both work.


Updated by Amadeus about 8 years ago

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Implimented in 20150929.0006

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