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As many of us has a lot of alts we need to copy quite a few bookmarks at times. Due to the heavy restrictions put in place by CCP you can only copy 10 bookmarks at a time. Having a feature in ISXEVE that would copy the bookmarks for you would be a perfect feature addition to ISXEVE in my personal opinion. It will still take time, but the manual labour would be drastically reduced.

Today you need to highlight the bookmarks (aka 'Locations') in your 'People & Places' and drag them to the hangar or container of your choice. You have to rinse & repeat until you have copied them all. Doing this for 1000s of bookmarks for X number of alts will make you pull your hair and have a few Zanax.


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So, elaborate a bit on what you would want ISXEVE to do for you.   Are you wanting it to automate what you do manually?  Or, are you looking for an easy way to export bookmarks from one client and then import them in to another?   Or, something else that I'm missing?    I'm just curious what my options are for implimenting this in a way that would be helpful.


Updated by gregz over 9 years ago

Well, it's not much to it really. All I would like to see is a feature where you can name a Location (read: bookmark) sub-folder as source and name a destination (Items hangar as default) container. After that have all bookmarks in the source sub-folder copied to the destination. That's the kind of automation I would like to see.

After that I can just manually trade the bookmarks container to an alt and have them put into that alt's bookmarks.


Updated by n0mad about 9 years ago

It would be a great feature indeed. Amadeus, the "getting crazy" step is copying bookmarks from People&Place to the Item Hangar. Trading them to an alt and importing them (from an item in the Item Hanger to People&Place) is not so time consuming.


Updated by n0mad about 9 years ago

Any news on this topic Amadeus?

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