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07:54 AM OgreBot Feature - Enhancement #2091 (Implemented): Multiple Etherealists

Would like to see Ethereal Gift timed in such a way that they would never cast while another is up.  Chained back to ...


06:06 PM OgreBot Bug #2054: Feature Request

Add a Resolve limit to Ogre Transmute.  ie everything below 28, or 26.


04:02 PM OgreBot Bug #2054 (New): Feature Request

Mob Balancing.  Turn it on or off, brings up a small input window that lets you assign percentage, like attempt to ke...


08:30 AM OgreBot Feature - Enhancement #1772 (New): % To attack Mobs

With the varying amounts of damage required to decrease a mobs health to any given precentage, I would like to see a ...


05:41 AM OgreBot Bug #1713 (Resolved): Program Files Space issue

When running a script from the MCP, while the Innerspace folder lives within a root folder who's name contains a spac...


06:34 PM OgreBot Feature - Enhancement #1711 (New): Add Save Button to Chat Events

Add a save button to Chat/Spawn/Despawn Events so we can just load a preset list.


05:37 PM OgreBot Feature - New #1693: Mass Deletion of Daily/Weekly Mission Quests

Also add mass sharing as well please.
05:32 PM OgreBot Feature - New #1693 (Implemented): Mass Deletion of Daily/Weekly Mission Quests

Would like the ability to delete all daily/weekly missions on all toons.  I've had it happen on several occasions whe...
03:36 PM OgreBot Feature - New #1692 (Implemented): Ogre Console Output Check Boxes

I would like to be able to disable the output ot Tythe Spent points in the Ogre Console.

It might also be worthwhi...


07:29 PM ISXRI Bug #1675 (Resolved): Herc, can you fix this?

[20224000] ISXEQ2: groupmember.ToActor[] is deprecated. Simply remove it entirely (e.g., ${Me.Group[#].ToActor} becom...

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