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Welcome to StealthSoftware!

Enhance your game play experience. Play the fun parts, let us help with the rest!

Welcome to Stealth Software. We make utilities that enhance your gameplay experience. Currently the only game we offer a product for is EVE Online.

Our offering for EVE Online is one of the best automation solutions available.

Make ISK, collect loyalty points, amass stockpiles of ores and minerals - all hands free!

With StealthBot, you can hands-free farm courier, mining, and encounter missions, rat asteroid belts, mine your favorite asteroids, haul for a mining op, freight your stuff from point A to B and more!

Do you still manually mine, constantly turning on lasers, selecting new rocks and unloading to station? Relax, there's a better way to do it - our way! How about those attention-demanding mining ops where your attention is required to haul for your fleet despite how mind-numbingly dull it is? We can do that for you. Worried about war targets or people who shouldn't be in your system? No problem, we handle those too. Tired of farming missions for LP and ISK? We've got that covered, and even ratting too. We've made one of the most effective bots for EVE Online with what may be the easiest to use interface. Don't just take our word for it - if you already have InnerSpace and ISXEVE you can ask stealthy for a free 7-day trial!

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