Vendor (Top-Level Object)


Retrieves a vendor object from the game world.

For the purposes of ISXEQ2, a vendor is defined as any NPC or PC that can buy or sell items. This includes brokers.


For this TLO to function, you must have the vendor targetted and the merchant or broker window open and populated.


  • echo ${Vendor.NumItemsForSale}
  • echo ${Vendor.Merchant[packet of spice].Price}
  • echo ${Vendor.Broker[fulginate cluster].Price}
  • Vendor:GotoSearchPage[1]
  • Vendor:GotoSearchPage[${Vendor.TotalSearchPages}]
  • Vendor.Merchant[packet of spice]:Buy[20]
  • Vendor.Merchant[pristine conditionied]:Sell
  • Vendor.Broker[iron cluster]:Buy
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