vendor (Data Type)


This DataType includes data available to ISXEQ2 related to vendors within the game. For the purposes of ISXEQ2, a vendor is any actor that is capable of selling and/or buying items.


  • int NumItemsForSale
    • Brokers will always return the number of items on the current search page (ie, a maximum of '8')
  • int CurrentSearchPage
    • Brokers only
  • int TotalSearchPages
    • Brokers only
  • bool IsBroker
  • bool IsMerchant
  • float Commission
    • Returned as a percentage.   (Non-Brokers will be zero.)
  • merchandise Merchant[#]
  • merchandise Merchant["name"]
  • consignment Broker[#]
  • consignment Broker["name"]


  • GotoSearchPage[#]
    • Brokers only
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