Iteminfo (Data Type)


Although this datatype is used natively in some parts of EQ2, its primary function is to store and return item "details".   The client does not need to know these details all of the time, so when the player examines an item, or when ISXEQ2 requests it, the details are downloaded from the server and stored in a cache. 

The typical method of acquiring an instance of this datatype is via the ToItemInfo member of item.

Technical Considerations

The iteminfo datatype is almost always used with UI elements by the EverQuest 2 client.   Therefore, there are some limitations on how well ISXEQ2 can manage dealing with data that changes (e.g., iteminfo.Condition).    Basically, item.IsItemInfoAvailable only indicates that item.ToItemInfo is currently VALID, not that it's the most up-to-date information!   So, script writers are encouraged to give the game a few seconds to update when retrieving data from iteminfo that may change.   For example, when checking the Condition of an item, a script might check item.IsItemInfoAvailable; then, if it's TRUE, check item.ToItemInfo.Condition once then wait a few seconds and check it again.   If the values are different, then it means that the "Condition" of the item has recently changed.    (Please note that this is only an issue for iteminfo members that change.   For most things, it only matters that item.IsItemInfoAvailable is TRUE.)


  • uint ID
  • string Name
  • string Tier
  • string Description
    • Please note that not all items have descriptions.
  • string AdornmentDescription
  • string ToLink
    • This will recreate the actual link used with in game chat channels (used typically with eq2echo or eq2execute).
  • int NumModifiers
  • itemmodifier Modifier[#]
    • # is between 1 and NumModifiers
  • string Type
    • This returns: Weapon, Armor, Shield, Container, Spell Scroll, Recipe Book, House Item, Food, Drink, or Activateable.
  • string Crafter
  • string DamageType
  • int IconID
  • int LinkID
  • int RentStatusReduction
  • int Condition
  • int Charges
    • A result of '-1' indicates unlimited charges.
  • int MaxCharges
    • A result of '-1' indicates unlimited charges.
  • bool Ornate
  • float Duration
    • Food/Drink & Activateables
  • int NumClasses
    • Returns the number of classes that can use the item
  • class Class[#]
    • # is the class number within the array
    • Items which are usable by ALL will have one class in the array, which will have the name "commoner". (Remember, 'commoner' is a class of which everyone is a member.)
  • int NumEquipSlots
    • Returns the number of slots in which this item can be equipped
  • string EquipSlot[#]
    • # is the EquipSlot within the array
  • bool Artifact
  • bool Attuneable
  • bool Attuned
  • bool Lore
  • bool NoDestroy
  • bool NoTrade
  • bool NoValue
  • bool NoZone
  • bool Temporary
  • bool Good
  • bool Evil
  • bool Heirloom
  • bool AppearanceOnly
  • bool LoreOnEquip


  • bool IsCollectible
  • bool AlreadyCollected



  • float DamageRating
  • int MyMinDamage
  • int MyMaxDamage
  • int BaseMinDamage
  • int BaseMaxDamage
  • int MasteryMinDamage
  • int MasteryMaxDamage
  • float Delay
  • int Range
  • int MinRange
  • int MaxRange
  • string WieldStyle
    • Returns: Dual Wield, Two-Handed, or One-Handed.
  • string SubType
  • string DamageType
  • string DamageTypeVerb


  • int Protection
  • int MaxProtection


  • int Mitigation
  • int MaxMitigation





  • int NumEffects
  • string EffectName[#]
  • string EffectDescription[#]
  • int NumEffectStrings
  • itemeffectstring EffectString[#]
    • # is between 1 and NumEffectStrings
  • int NumAdornmentsAttached
  • adornment Adornment[#]
    • # is between 1 and NumAdornmentsAttached


  • bool CanScribeNow
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