eq2mail (Data Type)


This DataType includes all of the data available to ISXEQ2 related to an individual in-game email message.


Methods (General)

  • Cancel
  • Open
  • Delete
  • ReceiveGifts

Methods (Composing)

Note: These methods will only work when using EQ2Mail[composing]

  • Send
  • AppendRecipient[Text]
  • AppendSubject[Text]
  • AppendBody[Text]
    • Note: Use the '\n' control for adding carriage returns.
  • RemoveGift
    • Note: See the 'item' datatype for the method for attaching a gift.
  • AddCopper[#]
  • AddSilver[#]
  • AddGold[#]
  • AddPlatinum[#]
  • RemoveCopper[#]
  • RemoveSilver[#]
  • RemoveGold[#]
  • RemovePlatinum[#]


EQ2Mail[composing]:AppendRecipient[Mymule]:AppendSubject[No Subject]:AppendBody[Look, a mail!]:AddPlatinum[100]:Send

Add picture from clipboard (Maximum size: 95.4 GB)