ISXBJEVE by bjcasey


ISXBJEVE is an Innerspace extension for the popular MMORPG game EVE Online

Currently, ISXBJEVE is in free OPEN BETA testing.  It is considered to be NOT a complete product yet and will remain free while it is still being tested.


EVE Online by CCP
Innerspace by Lax (Subscription)
ISXEVE by Amadeus (Subscription)
ISXSQLite by Amadeus (Free)


Astro Bot - Customizable and automated bot that performs the roles listed below:

  • Mining Role
  • Hauling Role

Mercurius Bot - Market bot capable of updating/placing buy/sell orders within a station.

Intel - Local monitoring script that makes it easier to notice unwanted people when they enter local.

Basic Usage

ISXBJEVE, utilizes the framework provided by ISXEVE.  It's scripts are written in LavishScript and are closed source.  Updates are automatically downloaded after a successful authentication on Innerspace Session # 1.

ISXBJEVE Methods, Members and Commands

All methods and members are prefaced with ISXBJEVE unless otherwise stated.


  • Version
  • MembershipLevel



All commands start with BJ unless otherwise stated.

  • AstroBot
  • MercuriusBot or MBot

Example: BJ AstroBot

Astro Bot Methods and Members

  • AstroBot
  • Events
  • Modules
  • Navigation
  • Targets
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